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Another victory for victory corner!

Posted Jul 14 2009 10:38pm

2289984467_99bb1265b1_m I had the wonderful pleasure to get a note from a reader from The United Arab Emerites and I’m so excited to share her story with you. She will remain anonymous but I know you will be touched by what she has to share. She has such a powerful presence and wonderful energy.

In her words:

The story goes like this. I went for my yearly pap in Jan 2009, not thinking anything in particular, as I never had an abnormal pap in my life.

So a week later my gynae calls me and read the diagnosis on the phone to me: CIN3 and HPV. I was really shocked. In fact, I remember it gave me an instant and intense headache. I asked her to send me the lab papers and since she suggested a biopsy and surgery immediately, the first thing I did was “fire” her. I informed her the next day that I would take care of this issue but not with her.

Needless to say, I found it very unprofessional from her, on a border line to malpractice, to call me on the phone to give me such news and without giving me any further explanations or comfort.

So here I was, I had no idea what to do and I had no insurance ( I have now!!) and I was worried and scared to death.

I started researching on the net and went to my favorite alternative medicine page: I have been into alternative medicine since many years, but I never needed it for myself, only for friends or family. On there I found the first clues to improving cervical health and this gave me a good head start.

I found it very hard to find anyone on the net having anything positive to say about CIN or related stuff, it was really depressing. You (Bueller from Bueller’s Kitchen) were the only person I found that gave me inspiration and to feel that it could be done!! Somehow people tend to write only on the net to complain or report whatever went wrong. If you go to any forum about cervical health you will be under the impression, that you have only one month to live before a total hysterectomy and after that you will go into chemo and radiation.

You asked what I did to get well….

First of all…the things I did NOT do and still do not do:

- no smoking
- no alcohol
- no conventional medicine
- no sex
- no excess coffee: (1 cup per day only)
- no excess dairy (actually before that I used to drink milk every day)
- no refined sugar
- I keep refined carbs at a minimum – stuff like white bread etc.

What I started taking immediately after the CIN3 diagnosis:

Every morning on an empty stomach:
- 3 teaspoons of organic wheat grass powder, 1 teaspoon of organic spirulina in a glass of Juice without sugar
- Vitamin C powder 1000 mg or more a day
- 800 mcg of Folic Acid a day
- 2 x teaspoons of Curcum (turmeric) powder before lunch every day
- Drink about half litre of Green tea every day which I seasoned with Fresh Ginger and Fresh Peppermint tea. This is really yummy.
- I zapped daily for one hour (Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper) to reduce the HPV population
- On 23rd January, I started taking AHCC for one month and this really gave me instant results: the product is called Immune-Assist from here: every morning about 6 am I woke up and I could feel the pain in my cervix…something was working big time.
- I took colloidal silver sporadically.
- I started to eat more healthy food, increased drastically my vegetable intake and reduced all dairy and meets. I still ate meet once a week. I also made a meal each week with fresh Shitake Mushrooms, as those increase your T-Cells and I also ate LOTS of steamed broccoli and cauliflower.
- Fresh Juices – although not on a daily basis,,,yea I am only human!
- I did a heavy metal test which showed that I am heavily toxic on mercury, which surprised me.

In April I went for my follow up check which showed ASCUS (uncertain type). This time I went to another doctor and in the meantime I got myself the best health insurance money can buy. I went to see a very experienced professor – not just a regular doctor.

She agreed to give me time to let my body heal – ONE MONTH. If within one month I didn’t get better, I should come back for the biopsy and rest of the story.

So, it was time to step up my regime:

On 14. April I went on the DIM 150 for about 2 ½ weeks intensive: (with 4 capsules a day)

And on 4th May I started on the MMS regime by Jim Humble:

The MMS was a breakthrough. Immediately after taking my first dose, well 3 hours after my first dose, I felt like a totally different person. I had so much energy like I didn’t even remember the last time I felt this way. It was awesome. The MMS killed all pathogens inside me and needless to say, I had some very nasty stuff come out of my body! Eeeeew.

Around 20th May I had my last check up and to the surprise of my doc – am totally CLEAR. They were very surprised and they even asked me, what I did! So now I convinced them to transfer me to a herbal clinic for the next month or so, to work with a natural doctor on strengthening my immune system to make sure, it doesn’t come back.

I have redone my mercury test a few days ago and the reading went down from the highest to the lowest on the chart, so something is working well!

I have my next check up at the end of September to make sure, that I stay healthy.

I didn’t write this up to bluff or show off. I wrote this up to inspire any woman out there who finds herself with a problem in cervical health. The message is, that you can get healthy, purely by natural means and no surgery. Yes, it’s not an overnight fix. It takes time and effort.

A note on the emotional health. Obviously if you get a bad diagnosis from your doctor, whatever that may be, it takes a toll on your emotional health. You feel worried, depressed, sometimes hopeless…You must train your brain to also envision yourself as healthy and sound. Say to yourself that your body is working hard to get you back to your health. If you believe in God as I do, then pray. In the beginning I used to cry a lot…Then I made a deal with myself. I said: Ok you are allowed to cry only 5 minutes a day and that 5 minutes includes feeling sorry for yourself. After that, time’s up. No time for crying because you have to get busy with getting well. I hope it works for you, it did work for me.

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