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Another nice feature of the Canmore GP-101 is its water

Posted Jun 21 2013 2:20am

I've been pleasantly surprised how easy it has been to use multiple functions; the interface is surprisingly mature for Cheap Jordans Online such a gadget.

Trip odometer/speedometer functions are good. The "speed genie" shows your speeds automatically when you exceed a certain amount, so you don't even have to set it to the right mode before taking off -- just turn it on and it will both track and show your speed.

Battery life is excellent; using it an hour or gaffwefda so most days, I can go for weeks without worrying about charging.

Canmore GP-101 has a nice compact design that doesn weigh you down or feel awkward when Cheap Jordans attached to a belt loop or pack strap.

Another nice feature of the Canmore GP-101 is its water-resistant design. While I don recommend dropping it in a lake, it did hold up quite Cheap Jordans For Sale nicely in both the rain and snow. In fact, it didn even hiccup when dropped in a mud puddle. It rare to see lightweight and compact combined with durability and toughness, but the Canmore GP-101 manages to excel in all of these categories.

Like the other Canmore models, the GP-101 is fairly easy to operate.

The GP-101 has a battery that provides about enough of life before needing a recharge, which is quite nice if youe going on an extended trip or if you just don want to be bothered with frequent charging. The device comes with a USB cord that acts as both a data transfer mechanism and a way to recharge the unit from your PC. Although the initial charging of the device takes about four hours, subsequent recharges only take about two hours.

All in all, the Canmore GP-101 is a nice little multi-purpose unit that easy to use and has a sturdy design that should hold up for years to come. The long battery life and the motion detection capabilities are definite plusses that should be particularly attractive to weekend travelers and sportsmen. Additionally, both the Canmore GP-101 and its associated software suite work very well in conjunction with netbooks. This makes the device a great choice for those looking for a truly portable GPS receiver and logger. 

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