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Another go with low carb high protein

Posted Feb 24 2014 4:22pm
As I sit in an airport, I begin day 1 of another diet.  Yes, it is a diet and not a lifestyle.  This time I am going to do low carb high protein for a couple of months or until weightloss slows.  After that I plan to switch to reduced calorie.  This, I feel is the fasted approach to get my body back into some shape other than round. 

As I type this with my thumbs on my cell phone, I am awaiting my first low carb meal in many years... A Western omelet at Max & Erma's.  

I find the hard part of losing weight is not finding the right diet but rather simply getting your mind into the game.  Focusing the will power long term is difficult.  

The next month at work will be very hectic.  I will be in a hotel in San Diego but working in Tijuana, Mexico.  Hopefully the stress and altered routine will help keep my mind busy and maybe in some way make the diet easier.  I suspect this is the start of a six month to one year path to lose weight.  I am still not sure what to do after to keep it off.  I suspect that once I reach my ideal weight that I can introduc exercise and watch calories.  For me to do maintenance via low carb means virtually no carbs.  Watchng calories seems more pracical for maintenance but not as good for quick weightloss.
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