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Another Food Faux Pas

Posted Apr 20 2010 9:34am

Check out this totally cool looking rawified oatmeal cookie banana ice cream sandwich. Looks yumm-o, doesn't it? Uh huh, we thought so too. All was well and good in theory.

What's not to like? Ingredients; banana, Wubba's ice cream, oatmeal cookies. Check, check, check. All favs.

So what's the catch?? Anticipating the wonderful chewy sweetness of the cookie, the soft, mellow goodness of the banana, and the terrific taste of Wubba's ice cream I took a big ol' bite. The coughing and sputtering noises that followed were not attractive and should not enjoy a repeat performance anywhere, particularly in public. Lets just say that "yacon powder" is aptly named (yack-on!) EWWWW! This was NOT good stuff!

I believe it is safe to say that yacon powder is best used in very small quantities and only in applications that significantly disguise its flavor. At least that is my opinion. I'm sure there are folks out there that love the stuff. Don't chew me out. Taste is...well...a matter of taste! ;-)

Off for trial batch #2 - sans yacon (and to wash out my mouth with!). I'll let you know if we come up with something edible.

Have you all ever had recipe faux pas? Let's hear about them...come on...fess up! =D
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