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Anonymous Comments

Posted Sep 11 2008 8:27pm

*sigh* I now remember why I didn't allow anonymous comments on this blog. People tend to be much braver when they don't have to tell you who they are. I got some idiotic comment yesterday that was not only anti-Christian, but appeared (at a glance anyway) to be racially prejudiced.

I have no real idea what this moron was blathering on about, because once I realized he/she was cursing and spewing anti-everything comments, I just deleted it. It looked to be about 8 or 10 paragraphs long. Sorry "Anonymous".. but I have better things to do with my time than read your drivel. I'm just sorry you don't have enough of a life to actually have something constructive to do.

Why do people do this? I really don't know. Best I can figure, some village left their idiot too close to the computer without supervision.

Anyway.. if this continues I'll have to turn the anonymous comments off again. For those of you who are new to my blog, I hope this also explains why I moderate all comments. I have children who like to sit with me at the computer. I have no problem with healthy, civil debate. I don't delete any comments I get in that regard.. I also cannot edit comments made. So what I allow through is just what was sent to me. But I do not allow profane and vulgar comments. I also do not allow people to use my comment box as free advertising (has happened a lot), nor do I allow hate speech.. which was exactly what I deleted yesterday.

Thanks so much to all my regular readers and hello to all my new ones! Thanks for understanding my reasoning behind all this and for listening to me gripe. :D

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