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And so it goes

Posted Feb 15 2008 12:00am

I began having breakfast at work instead of at home. It’s easier that
way because I don’t feel so rushed. Of course, I can’t really make an
omlette or anything that requires a stove. I’ve been making an
oatmeal creation that leaves me full for a couple of hours and
sometimes even until lunch. It is a package of low-sugar Quaker
oatmeal cooked with vanilla soymilk. Then I mix in about a half cup
of pumpkin and then about a third of a scoop of chocolate protein

I’ve been trying to write down everything that I eat. Not just for
weight loss purposes, although that’s a big factor, but also to try to
see what it is exactly that gives me tummy aches. I’ve narrowed it
down too two possibiites – splenda or chocolate. I just drank some
tea with two splendas and feel fine. Later on, I will test the
chocolate theory.

I had a fun Valentine’s Day. I had wanted to stop at Whole Foods and
pick up some little dessert for Jason and I to share and maybe a
bottle of wine. Traffic was terrible, as it is on ALL holidays, on 75
South, so I figured I’d get off at the West Paces Ferry exit and go to
the Whole Foods in Buckhead. Apparently, I was not the only one that
thought of Whole Foods. The place was a madhouse. They had lots of
cool things going on; there were chocolate covered strawberries and
lots of flowers. I went to the bakery but didn’t really see anything
that looked great. Most of the desserts were too big. I settled on a
mini-shot glass Raspberry and Lemon Mousse. It was smaller than the
shot glass desserts at Seasons 52. I also picked up a bottle of
Organic Cabernet. I’ve really become a bigger fan of white wine but I
knew that Jason likes Cabs so I got that.

After battling the awful Buckhead traffic and getting in the left lane
like five times when I wasn’t supposed to, I finally made it home.
Exhausted and hungry. But I perked up when I opened the door and on
the island in my kitchen (note: island in my kitchen makes my kitchen
sound big. the island also doubles as a dining room table because
THERE IS NO ROOM FOR ONE!) there was a bouquet of flowers in a vase, a
little stuffed dog with a bone in it’s mouth that said “I Wuff You”
and some naughty dice. He had also written a note and made a little
JB+ LR in a heart which I liked.

Our plan was not to deal with the Valentine’s Day crowds and just
order Chinese Food. Jason wanted to split an entree and get soup but
I thought we should get two entrees so we’d both have leftovers to
take to work the next day. Or, in his case, in a few hours. We ended
up getting vegetable soup, garlic shrimp and moo shu vegetables with
brown rice. I thought about just getting steamed vegetables or
steamed shrimp and vegetables but then thought, fuck it, this is a
holiday. The food was good, but pretty greasy. I had about a glass
and a half or two glasses of wine.

The mousse was okay, nothing
great. Dinner was definitely a splurge, calorie-wise, but whatever.

I went to the gym during lunch but for some reason it took me forever
to get there so I wasn’t able to get in a very long workout. I did
some intervals on the treadmill for 2 milnutes. I’d walk slowly at 3
mph for 1 minute, walk at 3.5 for 1 minute and run at 7.5 for 1 minute
and repeat. I probably should have done it longer but I really didn’t
have time. Oh well, I guess a little exercise is better than none.

I’ve been good so far today. There are bagels and chocolates in the
breakroom plus everyone was given a big box of Godiva chocolates for
Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what the rest of the day will bring
though. I’m planning on doing Workout B (Still Stage 1) from The New
Rules of Lifting for Women during lunch. I’m not sure what the night
will bring. Jason has tonight off and I know he wants to go out since
he normally doesn’t get to spend the entire weekend night off. We’ll
probably have dinner at a bar and have some drinks. Although it might
not seem like it, since I’m talking about wine last night, drinks
tonight and, athough I haven’t mentioned it, drinks tomorrow night, I
really have cut down on my alcohol consumption. Today is Friday so
it’s not so bad, but I really think if I drink ANYTHING, even one
drink, during the week, I feel shitty the next day. It’s not hungover
shitty, it’s just like my body doesn’t rest well if there is alcohol
in it. I feel okay today but I think part of that is just knowing
that is the last day of the work week, I get off an hour early and
it’s a long weekend.

I just had two hershey kisses – you know, for food allergy testing purposes!

Yesterdays food. Calorie count is estimated:

• Half a sesame bagel with cream cheese; 3/4 cup of mixed fruit; tea
wtih splash of soy milk. – 360

• 1 hershey kiss; thing of red hots that Kelly gave me for V-Day. (I
don’t know why I ate this. They weren’t good and just a waste of
calories. I could have probably eaten another 4 kisses.); 1 kashi
granola bar. – 300

• can of Progresso Italian Vegetable Soup; 2 hershey kisses – 170

• 1.5 cups of fruit; tea with splash of soymilk and 1 splenda – 175

• 2 cups of soymilk – 200

• apple in the car – 80

• wine – 200

• chinese food – 700?

• little mousse thing – 150?

That’s a total of 2335 which is way too much. I’m aiming for 1800.
But considering that I don’t normally eat red hots, greasy chinese or
mousse, I can just say it was a special occasion. The 700 calories of
Chinese food might be an overestimation.

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