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And girls so intimate contact

Posted Apr 09 2013 2:32am
And girls so intimate contact. Pending film into the back, fake oakleys came to understand is how the previous story did not pay attention to how the brain actually fake oakleys remember very clearly, a comparison of before and after, and then a speculated , fake oakleys understand the whole story in the end is how the matter. fake oakleys accident how to be allergic to romance so created did not look carefully and was able to remember the whole story, or even every sentence of dialogue, every scene Shen XQ seems to have not seen quite understand it acts as a narrator, fake oakleys softly to explain the ins and outs of the whole story of Shen XQ Shen XQ finally understand, after a moment, the heart under the addition of a little joy, the original fake oakleys watching movies more important than I also seriously, it seems that he also liked the movie! Shen Joyful still relying the fake oakleys shoulder behind the movie some desolate plot, fake oakleys naturally not much moved, but watching the Shen XQ seemed to be touched, intently staring at the screen, fake oakleys did not speak. Finally, Shen XQ usually naughty even at this moment, his eyes wet! fake oakleys surprise, this movie is so touching! but then again, in the movie "The Secret" back, really sort of moving, as a girl of delicate heart was touched also common. the fake oakleys quickly comforted Shen XQ, I have never come across this, so it looks a little show of hands flawless, with fake oakleys comfort, Shen XQ natural and happy, and my heart how sweet it is only she knew. "fake oakleys, do you remember? child we watch the film, I'm relying on you see ..." Shen XQ calm mood, suddenly some murmured. "......" fake oakleys some do not know what to say, I thought it was a child, which than present, and now you are a lady. "time we do have together, what are you doing Let me ... I remember once we hide-and-seek hiding in a closet inside the dark and I was afraid, you hold me told me do not be afraid Hush ... "Shen XQ spoke intoxicated, fake oakleys dark want Shen XQ really good memory, these old stories remembers when the things she said to hide and seek, fake oakleys some uncomfortable, embarrassed and said: "That is a child ......" fake oakleys suddenly thought this movie called "The Secret", Shen XQ how put a child not to say the secret to light it? "Well, as a child I let you hold, you did not hug me!" Shen XQ suddenly a clever turn, looked up staring at fake oakleys, Duzui Tao, Shen XQ is always been Zhilaizhiwang personality, let alone in front of the fake oakleys, simply think that what is said, did not consider the surrounding circumstances
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