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An Online Health Food Store Offers Smarter Choices for Whole Foods and Health Drinks

Posted Sep 04 2011 9:35pm
Running an online health food store, I am perpetually searching for the most effective whole foods and health drinks. During one of the slowest shopping seasons of the year I decided it was safe to journey to the mall. It was effortless to park right in front of the largest health food store on the planet.

While my wife shopped, I began comparing ingredient labels with those at our online health food store to find out what really made those super protein blasters and vitamin water
"health drinks" so popular that they needed this gigantic store. A smart online health food store won't carry them, but this big health food store at the mall really loves to advertise those enhanced vitamin waters. The vibrantly colored bottles were everywhere, enticing customers with low prices, flashy colors, and the potential for health drinks that might actually taste pleasant. Unfortunately, the healthy benefits are just not real.

For starters, the crystalline fructose (concentrated sugar) content in this particular vitamin water immediately created an unpleasant taste and an unhealthy feeling. By the way, if your body could really use the isolated, man-made vitamins in this water, it might be worth the $1.50. Unfortunately, though, isolated vitamins that are not connected to whole foods most certainly break down before the body can use them for fuel.

Here are some other ingredients I saw on the labels that I choose to avoid when advertising whole foods and health drinks for our online health food store: crystaline fructose (concentrated sugar), artificial sweeteners, modified corn starch, artificial flavors, and MSG. I also choose to stay away from "isolated" protein drinks. The body has a hard time processing most protein drinks because they are typically made from "isolated" protein, which causes congestion in the lymphatic system.

Isolated protein and high fructose corn syrup are only a couple of the items I make a point to avoid in my constant quest for whole foods and health drinks that are truly good for the body. For now, when you are browsing the net, check out whole foods and health drinks at an online health food store.
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