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An Ocean View [40day3]

Posted May 28 2010 11:27pm

I was really busy this afternoon… I have about 3 things hanging over my head from university and I have 3 papers due in the next 9 days so- AHHHH! Plus I’m just completely burnt out from school, I need summer so bad!

My mom and I snagged a peanut butter cookie each for our drive over to Monterey for a delivery for my dad’s printing company. But the cookies didn’t kick that sweet tooth for long…

Myo  is an amazing frozen yogurt shop that allows you to pick a cup (either size huge or gargantuan ;-) ) then pick your own yogurt, you actually pour it! Then you add any topping you want. You pay by weight, so choose the lightest candy’s ;-) !

Myo (pronounced my-yo!) was right across the street form where we had to drop off the delivery on Cannery Row and it was a must. I don’t think mom and I even asked each other if we wanted to go, we both just started crossing the street.

I chose Green Tea yogurt then added strawberries, mangos, blueberries, and blackberries. Then I topped with shaved coconut and almonds! It was to die for. Perfect for Sweet Friday.

Max and I couldn’t handle the amazing weather that was happening today so we ventured out in search of dinner and a view! We ended up on Cannery Row in Monterey again for some ocean sights. We ended up at Louis Linguini’s Italian Seafood. Look at the view!

I’ve lived 30 minutes away from this tourist destination for my entire 22 almost 23 years and I hadn’t ever eaten at this restaurant, and I was pleasantly surprised when we went inside and it looked exactly like an authentic Italian restaurant- red checkered table cloths and all.

There were so many yummy sounding dishes on the menu. I was stuck between 4 options! But I made a great choice. I ended up chosing the Tilapia with the sauce on the side. My fish was already dead and I didn’t want it to come swimming.









While we waited for our food to come we snacked on french bread dipped in EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar with Water and lemon! Very Mediterranean ;-) !

The main dish! That is the biggest filet of Tilapia God has ever created!

Butter in sauce form with bay shrimp- I DIE! mmmmmmm! Holy mmmmm!

This was so good! I only ate half of it :-( not for lack of trying! I did eat all the veggies first though, healthy eating habit for amazing dishes like this one.

When I got home I was in dire need of some hot cocoa, so I caved… It is Sweet Friday after all. But I made this with rice drink, non fat milk, some chocolate chips, cocoa powder and sugar. It was the best hot cocoa I’ve ever made- the chips pushed it over the top. I think it was less than a cup of actual hot chocolate.

Well today was filled with yummy too good to be true eats! And surprisingly I’m not stuffed or feeling over indulged at all. I really listened to my body today and what it wanted. I made great choices, even in potentially dangerous situations. Thanks for stopping by Simply Maren. See everyone tomorrow!

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