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Amazing Tele-Seminar With Hamptons Diet Doctor

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:13pm

A very special thanks to Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of The Hamptons Diet, for his enlightening comments in last night's tele-seminar.

Indeed, Fred -- who's been a real wealth of information to me over the years, especially with my book SUGAR SHOCK! -- spoke about:

  • The lack of nutrition education among doctors
  • Dr. Atkins and his role in educating Americans about the dangers of refined carbs
  • The role that certain supplments such as chromium and l-glutamine could play in offsetting cravings
  • How he himself used to be overweight
  • The importance of working on your mindset to overcome your sugar issues
  • The value of being aware that sweet foods might still tempt you.

As I've done with previous tele-seminars, I'm letting participants tell you what they thought by quoting from either their e-mails to me or to my free, online KickSugar group.

"Last night's teleseminar was another wonderful event!  The highlight of my week. A couple of things stood out for me. One was the concept of 'eating defensively.' I have a birthday party to go to Saturday night and the host is raving about this fancy chocolate cake she is serving. 

"So here is my plan of defensive eating for the party: I have told her that I am a drug addict with sugar.  I joked and said I would get mean and crazy and insult all her guests if I have any of it.  I have also put my word on the line by telling four other friends who are also going that I need to stay away from the cake and anything else that will sabotage my progress so far. I plan to eat LOTS of protein before I go and also to bring nuts and some veggies so I have something to eat if I am tempted. Please hold me in your hearts, that I can do this. Going to a party and not using it as an excuse to binge is new territory for me.
"Another thing that helped me in the teleseminar is dealing with the issue of self-sabotage. One woman asked a great question about whether or not she should drink alcohol on her romantic weekend getaway. I love Dr Pescatore's answer that she needs to find out why she wants to sabotage her own progress.  Alcohol is just another sugar so why the desire to hurt herself?  Wow.  I needed to hear this.  Love myself and value myself enough that I take care of myself instead of self-sabotaging. This is something I definitely feel the need to go deeper into.
"Thank you so very, very much for being there for me. And Connie, you are way beyond awesome for putting this program together. Wanda"

Elizabeth then chimed in:

"Amen to that. I am benefiting  too;  thank you so much for the stand you all are making to
stay sugar  free !!   This is my first trip to visit family that I did not drink alcohol/eat sweets. I feel so good; I feel like a different person!!"

Erica told me:

"I really loved the talk tonight and as usual, I learned so much! Thanks again for doing this series, it truly has been an eye-opener and I am not sure you realize how much of huge and positive impact you have made in so many people's lives."

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