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Amazes me how difficult we make weight loss

Posted by ToYourHealthyWeightLoss

Healthy eating is so crucial to a healthy weight loss diet. To lose weight using fad diets or funcky diets that do not focus on eating fresh healthy foods just means you will gain it back and you could gain back more.


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I have LOTS of info on my blog under the "Health Stuff" tab...such as clean eating tips, workouts, info about vitamins, sleep, helpful links, grocery lists, etc.


I totally agree!!! We way overcomplicate weight loss. I understand that some people have medical issues that make losing weight difficult, but for the most part it is out own poor choices, just as you stated. We try every new product and fad diet, when in reality it is a very simple principle. Losing weight is about calories in vs. calories out. We need to eat less and move more. Choose healthier, filling, nutritious foods. Eat breakfast. Drink lots of water. Get enough sleep. Get moving. Our bodies are not created to be garbage disposals. People wouldn't put trash into a car to make it run effectively, so we shouldn't put trash in our bodies to fuel it either.  Cut out the junk.

Yes, it takes some planning and effort, but so does anything worthwhile. And our health is WORTH it.

Good point Steve. A lot of people THINK they are eating good food, but it's processed food and what it is packed in isn't good for us either.

 People need to get back to basics. Fresh food, water from the tap or from a reusable water purifier, and more activity!

I know with our busy lives it is tough to avoid "picking up something quick to eat" at some fast food place, but if you put a little effort into it, a little pre-planning and thought, you can choose quick healthy fresh choices instead of quick processed and unhealthy choices.


Part of the problem though is that there is so much misinformation - some deliberate - about which foods are healthy which are not.  Many people do eat what they have been told are fresh healthy foods and become discouraged when they fail to achieve their weight loss goals. The over use of grains [esp processed, chlorine gassed wheat gluten] in the western diet is a major factor in rising obesity levels... but most national health bodies still position bread as a cornerstone of a healthy diet.  Food manufacturers load their products with trans fats and obesogenic additives like HFCS and advertise that they contain "the goodness of" whatever the original food is they have processed. We know we should drink more water...  Out of plastic bottles that leech obesogenic BPA...? The issue becomes even more complex because hormone balance is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy weight - and different hormones require different foods.  What works for you will not necessarily work for the next guy.  That's why forums like this are so valuable - they really are the only place for people to access a range of balanced information about healthy eating.


yea true and even some people just exclude one food source. but i know for  fact having a balanced diet doesnt make you feel like your dieting and your body will still feel good. you cant just eat a certain quantity of some food and eat less greens. just the way it is.
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