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(Almost) Raw Mexican Corn Salad

Posted Dec 22 2009 2:39pm
Mexican Corn Salad

Fancy (and beautiful) Dragon Fruit

Inside the Dragon Fruit

While we're getting ready to celebrate Christmas I'm still trying to keep my body happy with mostly raw foods. It's been going well. Stumbled a little and added too many processed vegan cheeses to my eats over the weekend. Ended up with a little edema in my feet and ankles from the added sodium. Sadness. But, I'm over it...back on green smoothies and enjoying some very fresh foods.

One of the challenges I'm facing as a high raw and low oxalate vegan is not being able to use many nuts. Nuts, in case you don't know, tend to be high in oxalates - especially peanuts and almonds. More sadness for me, because I love all nuts with a particular passion. So, I ordered some beans for sprouting to add a little more protein and variety to my diet. In the meantime I've been incorporating a lot of dried organic black-eyed peas into my meals. They are low in oxalates and very high in calcium. To make this meal completely raw you can always omit the black-eyed peas and replace them with bean sprouts. (I plan to do so in the future.)

The Dragon Fruit is a special little treat for the family. We make a point to let the kiddos pick out any exotic fruits and vegetables that interest them during shopping trips. Izzy was intrigued with this one. When we got the fruit home and cut into it I realized that we had eaten this in China many times. We'd just never seen it with the skin on. Dragon fruit is very tasty - lightly sweet - and has a little nutty aftertaste from the seeds. Beyond that it makes a dramatic presentation in any fruit dish or on its own.

For the salad just combine the following ingredients in any proportion you like;

- raw zucchini, cut into ribbons with a vegetable peeler
- raw corn
- jalapeno pepper, diced
- avocado, diced
- tomato, diced
- spring onions, chopped
- black eyed peas or sprouted beans
- cumin (a little pinch will do ya)
- lime juice to squeeze over all

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday preparations. Cheers!
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