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Almonds control your cravings and your weight

Posted Feb 02 2010 9:00am

almonds-control-your-cravingsI wrote an article not long ago that talked about the foods that can help keep you full.

If you missed it, you can still read it here: 7 Healthy Foods That Will Fill You Up and Prevent Overeating

The first comment on that article I wrote really worried me because I don’t want people to avoid eating almonds or nuts for that matter because they think they are fattening. Good fats are your friends while bad fats are you foes.

If you want to remain at a healthy weight you have to make smart food choices and that means that eating foods that fill you up will help prevent you from running for those empty calorie foods.

It’s obvious that if you are allergic to nuts or if you have a condition that prevents you from eating nuts, you should ignore this article, but if nuts don’t pose any healthy issues, I’d surely follow Dr. Mehmet Oz’s advice and have a handful of almonds with you at all time because they are great at suppressing hunger and they are good for you.

Obviously, I am talking about raw natural almonds that contain no salt or hydrogenated oils!

Almonds are so important at supporting good health, I wanted to spend a bit more time to show you why almonds are such a great snack if your goal is eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy weight.

Here are 5 really important facts provided by Blue Diamond Almond Growers:

1) Almonds contain a lot of fiber: Dr. Oz is constantly telling viewers to increase their intake of fiber because it’s the best insurance against diseases such as colon and rectal cancer. Just a 1/3 cup of almonds can give you as much as 24% of your daily intake of fiber!

2) Calcium is not just found in milk: Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have my organic milk with my latte, but milk is not the only food that contains calcium. You will find calcium in almonds! Including calcium in your diet is essential for bones, teeth, muscles, normalizing blood pressure and regulating your heartbeat.

3) Iron: Just like calcium, you can find iron in foods that are not always obvious. We know that iron is readily available in red meats and spinach, but did you know that almonds also contain iron? Iron helps carry oxygen through the body and serves as food for your brain.

4)  Copper: Copper is essential because it helps carry oxygen to the body’s cells and organs. Copper also works at keeping bones, blood vessels and nerves healthy. Guess what? Almonds contain copper!

5) Protein: So many women skimp on protein because they think protein will make them fat. If you are consuming your protein from a 3-patty cheeseburger, then yes, you are right in assuming that protein will make you fat. If you consume lean protein then you really don’t have much to worry about. You can surely get you protein from a reasonable portion of red meat, chicken or fish, but if you want a non-meat base source of protein, almonds are it! You’ll get 11 grams of protein for a 1/3 cup serving.

>>> Here’s a quick snapshot of some basic nutritional value of 1/3 cup (50 g) of almonds:

300 calories

26 g of fat (40% of the daily intake)

2 g of saturated fat (10% of daily intake)

1 mg of sodium (1% of daily intake)

10 g of carbohydrate (3% of daily intake)

6 g of fibre (24% of daily intake)

11 g or protein

15% of your daily intake of iron

I generally have a handful of almonds (so a little less than 1/3 of a cup) and it fills me up for hours!

Almonds do contain fat, but they are good fats that support good health and NOT the bad fats that are readily available in foods such as chips, donuts or most conventional muffins.

Photo: Australia Almonds ad

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