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Posted by susan m.

So I'm not supposed to have any dairy for awhile, and my doc suggested cocoanut milk or almond milk to go with my coffee. Coconut has a lot of fat though, so I opted for almond milk which only has three grams of fat per cup. Check it out.
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Thanks Kat for the great recipe. Now I am going to try this at home!
I love almond milk, but often the kinds you find in stores are low in nutrients and have too much sugar. Alternatively, you can easily make it at home. To make one full glass, here are the steps: 1. Grind one-quarter cup of almonds (a coffee grinder is useful here). 2. Combine almonds with one cup of water and blend in a blender for two to three minutes. 3. Strain the liquid using a sieve, if you like. Almond milk is also tasteful - it has a light, nutty flavor.
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