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Alligator Stew

Posted May 16 2011 11:15am

Yesterday after the half marathon one of the many things I made was my first ever green monster. Why did I finally cave and create a smoothie, when I have always concidered myself a smoothie hater? Two reasons:

  1. I wanted my body to focus on recovering my muscles, not digesting hard-to-digest foods
  2. I had never tried a smoothie in a bowl with toppings, so I really wanted to give it a try
I was impressed with my final creation: a big bowl of Alligator Stew
The whole time I was eating it, one of my favourite childhood poems was chanting in my head (okay, so perhaps I said it out loud a few time too). Did anyone else read Alligator Pie by Dennis Lee? It is however a Canadian poem so the case may be that many of the non-Canadians have never read it. 
The colour of my green monster is clearly the colour of an alligator. Add in the fact that Pina Colada protein powder reminds me of Florida, and Florida makes me think -> Alligator. Hence the name: Alligator Stew.
Alligator Stew 1 scoop of Pina Colada Protein Powder
1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
1/2 banana
couple frozen strawberries strawberries spinach topped with: a cup of millet puffs + cinnamon
Coincidently one of my “must read everyday” bloggers: Mariah from Apples n’ Oats blogged about green monsters today too. She is right, these green monsters are great for big volume eaters. The spinach makes them explode in size, I could hardly find a bowl big enough.
Now that school is done, I’ve resumed reading books other then textbooks. I just started reading Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes, since I got it real cheap at a used bookstore. Don’t you love when you get a good deal?
I know the title sounds like a ‘diet’ book, but I would not categorize it as that at all. It is highly researched based and promotes healthy fats. I haven’t read enough of it to either agree or disagree with Taubes position but I have read enough to realize that Taubes has presented a lot of detailed research and studies, which are not only informative but also interesting.
Has anyone else read Good Calories Bad Calories? What books are you currently reading?

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