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All stress goes out the window once I’m in the kitchen

Posted Dec 02 2010 7:05pm


I’ve been keeping food on the simple side the past couple days since my stomach has been feeling, well, gnarly comes to mind and I’m not sure why but it sounds funny so I’ll use it. Anyway, I skipped breakfast yesterday (!) and made soup for lunch. I started off with a can of Cambell’s Healthy Harvest Tomato and decided to vamp it up. I threw in some onion, celery, and carrot (which I pre-cooked until soft) and some black beans.


And look what came to make me oh so happy!




I will be reviewing these soon. But if you would like to win a box of your own – enter my giveaway ! You have until Friday December 3rd at noon to enter. Also, you will get to pick out the 5 flavors you want – it doesn’t have to be the exact 5 I got.

Even though it was rainy and I wasn’t feeling 100% I went out for a run anyway. It was almost 60 degrees out and I just had to take advantage of that! Another 3 done this week. I’m soooo slow though, it’s pretty depressing. But I’m not going to let that get me down. I’ve only fully invested myself into running for about the past 3 weeks so of course I won’t be that good. Or at least that is what I’m telling myself. As Dory would say “just keep swimming” er running, well you know what I mean.

For dinner I tried out Gina’s sweet potato gnocchi except that I used whole wheat flour instead of brown rice flour. It came out way too wheaty/grainy so I’m going to have to get some brown rice flour to try out. It was edible (for me) but really no one enjoyed it. I’m not saying it’s bad though! I’m just saying I need to NOT use whole wheat flour.

DSC01399 Green beans and mushrooms on the side

Later on I had a plain 0% Chobani with a heap of blueberries. I hate when Peapod comes at 9:30 at night though, making me wait so long for my goodies.


Also can I get some opinions on the ANTM finale last night? I was thoroughly disappointed with their decision. My favorite rarely wins though. I don’t know what keeps bringing me back to watch it LOL


Today I didn’t choose a very good breakfast. Considering I was freezing why would I ever want to make a green monster?! Well it’s been a little while so that’s why. It looks horrible in the picture as usual. How am I supposed to make it look pretty?


In the mix:

  • 2 handfuls spinach
  • ~1/2 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 cup skim milk

I ended up having tea on the side to warm me up :)

I then spent several hours baking away for the Nutrition Liaison bake sale tomorrow. I only signed up to make 1 loaf of cranberry apple bread but after seeing how few people signed up to make things I decided to make a loaf of pumpkin bread and some carrot cake cookies as well. No pictures though so I will take them when we set up the table tomorrow!

Lunch was a repeat of soup but I added a couple gnocchi hoping they would absorb the liquid. It worked pretty well. Amazingly I still have soup and gnocchi left so that may be lunch again tomorrow.

I made a quick stop to school for an internship meeting followed by a snack of crudites. I wanted to use up the celery and carrots so I dipped them into a huge pile of hummus. Getting my veggies for the day :)


Not sure about dinner but I’ve got homework to do after spending all the time baking today! We’re *this close* to the weekend! :)

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