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All Natural Foods, Health Drinks and 5 Simple Tips for A Perfect Diet

Posted Jun 04 2008 7:04pm
These days, there are so many conflicting reports about food and so much outdated nutrition information that it is hard to know what to eat. All natural foods, health drinks, vitamin water, low fat, low carb foods, smart carbs, good fat, bad fat, trans fat, counting calories, it’s all so confusing. No wonder people give up on their fitness goals.

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to eat everything while easily maintaining their weight and fitness? Of course, for most of us it is a constant challenge to find the right combination of foods for natural weight loss as well as perfect health and fitness.

Here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind for healthy shopping and a balanced diet:
1. Everything you put in your mouth will either build your body up or tear it down. Soft drinks are perfect examples of things that tear your body down while providing no benefits. Instead, it is a simple switch to drink something that has real nutrition and tastes good. There are natural drink formulas that offer so many benefits with plenty of flavor, but you won’t find them at the convenience store. Search online for natural health drinks.

2. Animal fats are artery clogging and plant fats keep the blood flowing more easily. Eat more from the plant kingdom and your body will recognize those whole food, all natural food nutrients as the tools it needs for energy. Plus, the fiber in plant based foods provides a major boost to those seeking natural weight loss.

3. Calories count, so make every calorie work for you not against you. When you consume empty calories in things like soft drinks, cookies, chips, crackers and candy, you are taking in calories that work against you. When you consume nutrients from plant-based foods and health drinks, your body is instantly satisfied and works for you. You can eat pounds of fruits and vegetables or you can take in fewer calories with nutrient dense formulas that offer the most physical benefits with the least number of carbs and calories. It is easier than ever now to get more nutrition in less bulk with technologically advanced, plant-based, all natural food formulas that deliver concentrated nutrients from Mother Nature. 

4. Think before you shop and think before you eat or drink. Make the right choices to get the most nutrition for your dollar and the best bio-available nutrients for your body. Rather than stocking the pantry or the fridge with unhealthy snacks, look for nutrient rich foods and natural health drinks to keep on hand. That way, when you are hungry, but don’t know what you are hungry for, you will reach for something healthy.

5. Consuming more nutrient dense foods and fewer empty calories will help you gain energy, stamina, endurance and strength. Then you will be able to stay active, and you already know that exercise is essential for natural weight loss as well as optimum health and fitness.

Remember these elements when shopping or dining out. If you eat whole foods and all natural foods while avoiding high calorie, high fat, high sugar, processed foods, your body will be truly satisfied. Then it becomes easier to maintain a healthy weight, eliminate stiff joints and generate energy. You will look and feel your best, the way you should.

Here’s my story: Seven years ago I easily lost 30 pounds in one month while gaining energy, stamina and endurance. Natural weight loss and increased energy were just a couple of the healthy benefits I received by incorporating nutrient dense, concentrated, all natural food and fiber drink formulas into my daily diet. I am a mountain biker who cycles 50-100 miles per week over rugged terrain in the Arizona desert. At age 46, I now go faster, farther, longer than men half my age. I get most of my nutrition from concentrated all natural food formulas. When I do choose to eat other foods I can rest easy knowing that I have already taken in more than enough real nutrition for the day.
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