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All Expenses Paid Dream Wedding in Kentucky

Posted Feb 06 2011 4:14pm

Hey, y’all! :D

I’ve adopted a slight Southern accent because I’ve just spent the weekend in southern Kentucky! Yeah!

A couple of months ago my cousin and his fiancée entered a contest to win an all-expenses-paid dream wedding in the bride’s hometown of Bowling Green, KY. Well they ended up WINNING, and this weekend they got hitched!

The contest was sponsored by a local television station and, similar to the Today Show Throws a Wedding event, viewers were given the option to vote on a whole bunch of wedding details. The bride’s dress, hairstyle, groomsmen’s tuxes – the works. 

One thing that was not up for debate was the ceremony and reception location. "The place every Kentucky girl dreams of getting married at" according to my new cousin-in-law. The infamous Olde Stone Country Club in Bowling Green, KY!


Tucked behind split-rail fences and rolling hills, this country-club was one of the most grand, pristine and elegant I’ve ever seen.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m sort of obsessed with country clubs? I don’t know why – I just think the concept is cool. Not necessarily having to pay boatloads of money to belong somewhere, but just that you have a place where everyone knows your name.


Cocktails at your bar, dinner at your table. You catch my drift!


On the day of the wedding, the family arrived super early for pictures and afterwards, with a couple of hours to spare, my Dad and I ordered up a pre-ceremony brew in the lounge. Hey…when in Rome Kentucky! ;)  


A cold, crisp Landshark on tap. I’ve never seen LS on tap. I think I may like it better than Corona Light!


My Aunt (mother of the groom and my Mom’s sister) arrived on the scene a short time later. Nerves of steel this one. No brewha needed. ;)

IMG_0167 IMG_0168

Grandma was also on hand, so we had ourselves a little photoshoot. Two generations…


Now three!


My Grandma told us this weekend about her wedding. It was held on a Tuesday in 1947 while my Grandpa was still in college. He was in the service during WWII and went to school after he got home.


I clearly inherited her stature, while my brother got his from my Grandpa – he was super tall too!


After cocktail hour, it was time to get the show on the road. The ceremony was held in an opulent, European-esque, super intimate parlor. Isn’t it gorgeous?!


Since the wedding was sponsored by the local television station, and they had to tape it, there were tons of cameras and spotlights in the room. Very dramatic!


I adored the sparkly winter decor. Ice blues, deep silvers and crisp whites were the perfect accent colors.


The ceremony got underway and everyone got a glimpse for the first time of the bride who was donning the hairstyle and dress that was voted on for her.

IMG_0209 IMG_0212

She looked stunning!!!


A few teary vows, an exchange of rings and one first kiss later,


they were husband and wife! :D :D :D


A cocktail hour followed in which we sipped champagne and beer, before being ushered into the grand ballroom.


My cousin and his wife are big golfers and named each of the tables with golf terms. Green, putt, hole in one – you get the picture. :)  


The bride and her Mom also made all the centerpieces, featuring sparkly confetti, wispy feathers and glittery snowflakes.


The whole reception was like a winter-wonderland!

IMG_0230 IMG_0232


Unfortunately Ben and my little brother couldn’t make the trip with us, so we saved them honorary seats…and beers… ;)  


Dancing lessons came along with the couple’s dream-wedding package and they totally knocked the first dance out of the park. OMG you should have seen my cousin’s face concentrating so hard on his box step. CLASSIC & SO ADORABLE!!! :D


The rest of the night we ate,




and most importantly, we ate cake!


My sister-in-law and I were talking and we both agreed that after attending a million weddings after our own, we’ve picked up so many ideas about what we would’ve/could’ve done differently at our own weddings. 


I think if I could go back in time, I’d definitely theme it out. Mardi Gras, Winter Wonderland, Autumn Harvest… I love a good theme! :D


Well the wedding was a smashing success and to think that they got it all for free is just the icing on the cake (sorry, had to!) We don’t get to see our extended family very often either, so getting to spend so much time together this weekend was amazing.


I’ll tell you what isn’t a smashing success…our return trip home. Delayed in Nashville (where we flew out of) and now stuck in Detroit. Hopefully we’ll make it home before kick-off time of the Superbowl. Ben said he’s got a spread fit for a King ready for us at home! YES!! :D

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend – talk to you tomorrow!


What are you most looking forward to during the Superbowl: The game, the commercials or the food?

1. Food

2. Commercials

3. Game

It’s true. ;)

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