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Alkaline Foods vs. Alkaline Water

Posted Jul 18 2011 5:04pm
Though consuming more alkaline foods than acid foods has an immediate and long lasting effect on the body, alkaline water may, at best, generate only incomplete short term gains.

Alkaline foods are essential to assist the body in mineral usage. In order to counteract acid intake, the body naturally extracts calcium along with other alkaline elements from bones and tissues. It is always best to avoid deficiencies in these essential minerals from an overly acidic diet.

Alkaline foods have minerals that produce an alkaline ash in the bloodstream when they are metabolized. Acid foods leave an acid ash. Prior to abosrption, though, alkaline water comes in contact with the gastric juices, which are naturally acidic. Interfering with these stomach acids could generate more harm than good. The research points to a short term elimination of dangerous microorganisms in the gut, but beyond that, alkaline water is dubious as a health product with any long term benefits. Alkaline foods, on the other hand, make favorable minerals bio-available for the entire body.

3 Reasons to invest in alkaline foods, NOT alkaline water:

1. Limited Benefits – Some alkaline water users report short term improvements as harmful bacteria in the gut are alkalized. However, reports of long range usage and results are hard to come by. On the contrary, there are increasing reports of individuals with digestive problems from too much alkalinity in the stomach.

2. Expense – For the cost of an alkaline water machine, you could pay for the healthiest alkaline foods and drinks on the planet for years and receive much better long term results. See my Daily Healthy Food Plan .

3. More Harm than Good – Some alkaline water users have reported gastrointestinal dysfunction after prolonged use. This could be due to the disruption of the natural digestive processes when alkaline water is introduced. Your digestive juices are intended to be acidic. It is much more wise to rely on alkaline foods that operate in concert with the body's natural processes.

Reliable experts agree with these claims about alkaline water:


Dr. Andrew Weil

Mayo Clinic
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