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Alkaline Foods and Health Drinks Can Help You Bounce Back From A Cold

Posted Jun 04 2008 7:04pm
I recently suffered through what seems to be the worst cold passed around these parts in a long time. For almost two weeks I felt sluggish with a runny nose and an earth-shaking cough. I’m pretty sure that was a Volkswagon that came out of my chest on day 4. The good news is that when this cold finally started disappearing, my body felt cleaner, leaner and stronger. That is because I made the most of my recovery with more alkaline foods and health drinks in my diet.

By the time day 10 of this cold rolled around, I was ready to make a drastic change to get over it and back into my fitness routine. I decided to try what is called, “The Master’s Cleanse”, or “The Lemonade Diet”. It involves fasting with a lemonade health drink that has abundant alkaline food properties. It is suggested that the diet be followed for 10 days to receive the most benefit. Some brave souls have done the cleanse for up to 21 days, and even bigger health nuts are going as long as 40 days on this diet. I tried it for 2 days and it worked quite well for me.

The lemonade diet calls for a quart of salt water each morning followed by nothing but lemon water mixed with maple syrup and cayenne pepper. To get the most benefit, sea salt and unprocessed maple syrup are recommended. Since the cayenne pepper and lemon water are very alkaline, this health drink concoction allows your body to work on eliminating built up toxins. The salt-water flush each morning is to further enhance the elimination process.

After suffering through a couple days of this diet, I felt cleaner, lighter, and more energetic. That is when I decided to make the most of this recovery and start some new healthy eating habits. From my own personal experience and research, I know that a diet higher in alkaline foods is good for overall health and fitness. That is why I decided to put forth more effort in sticking to a recommended daily allowance of 80% alkaline foods and only 20% acid forming foods in my diet. Comparing that with a typical diet of 80% acid forming foods is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Beetle. The body functions better when the alkalinity of our internal fluids is maintained properly. Fortunately, I also have access to some health drinks that are high in alkalinity for even better ph balance.

I am happy to say that this new focus is giving me renewed energy, greater stamina and better weight control. I lost about 3 pounds in 3 days. My first day back on the mountain bike after battling the cold I rode 20 miles in the dessert without gasping for air and without some of my usual aches or pains.

Beginning with a healthier system from the natural cleansing of toxins brought on by the cold and moving to a healthier diet of more alkaline foods and health drinks has lifted my fitness to a whole new level. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. I have found this is not only a good way to recover from a cold, but also a good way to get rid of cravings and bad habits.
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