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Airex Balance Pad = Great Glutes

Posted Jul 18 2010 5:14pm
Back in August 2009 I wrote a review on the Airex Balance Pad , a training tool I was introduced to when I first started Vestibular Therapy.

The Airex Balance Pad is by far my favorite toy when it comes to unstable surface training as unlike other devices (which will remain nameless here), it mitigates your risk of injury (you're not going to go flying off this thing).

In perusing the piles of research that have piled up in my home office I came across research in the December 2009 issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research that supports unstable surface training when training the gluteus medius.

The research compared double limb stance squats to single limb squats and not surprisingly, found single limb squats placed more demand on the gluteus medius. The research also found exercises performed on an Airex cushion produced greater EMG values as compared with a firm surface.

If you're a runner experiencing lower limb injuries, weak glutes may be a likely culprit and incorporating single leg squats on an Airex Balance Pad should be a consideration for your workout routine.

Oh, and to keep myself honest, this weekend consisted of Workout A of the Turbulence Training 4-Week Bodyweight Program, Intu-Flow, and a 20-minute stint on the incline trainer.

Train hard; stay strong.



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