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Ah, the Working Life

Posted Aug 06 2011 12:00am

Yesterday marked my one-month anniversary with full-time working life.  Yes, that is correct : the past four weeks have seen me immersed mercilessly into the world of finance, business, pencil skirts and pearl necklaces making money and such and as a result I can now legitimately call myself a ‘grown-up’.  (Whether or not this is true in actuality is questionable.)

I found out at work today that one of the girls from my training class (we were 20 in total) left.  She was the first to leave from our group.  In one sense, I presume that is what the 3-month probationary period is for to ensure that the position is a match for both the organization as well as for the employee but it is nonetheless surprising when a sudden leave does happen.  Although I am a wee bit sad, I am really ultimately and truly happy for my friend because near the end of her time with us, she had shared with me how she felt and I could understand her completely.  I am certain that she will be embarking on a career pathway that will bring her much more personal fulfillment, and I absolutely admire her for doing what she had to do to follow her dreams.

On my end, I still dream too.  I dream a lot about this: “To thine own self be true” and wonder if I’ll ever have an opportunity to live up to that mantra within my current working environment.  A lot of the corporate world seems rubbish to me (or in the words or Holden Caulfield, “phony”), but maybe I’m supposed learn to accept that as a fact of life.  I just don’t know if I can.  And if I can’t… then what?

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