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Age is Kind

Posted Aug 14 2012 1:00pm

I remember I was watching the Oprah Show back in 2008 (don't ask me why). Dr. Oz was doing this show on aging.

Now, I know Dr. Oz and Mercola are mainstream gurus and us advanced health nuts listen to half of what they say and throw the other half in the trash. But Ozzie had some good basic pointers.

Anyhoo, on that show these two women stood up and they were both in their 60's. It was so amazing to me that I went to the website, saved the picture, sent it to my best friend in an email entitled "Age is Kind".

I've always been fascinated with cheating Father Time with Mother Nature, and I always admire people who have taken up the challenge and still look great.

The posting is still on her website, it might be a little "basic" for us folks who have already put in our work and research, but might be worth a peek for anyone getting started to make improvements in their life, what I call, "recalibrating" the mind.

To go to Oprah's posting on her website, click on the photo or click here

"age is mind over matter, if you don't mind, then it don't matter" –Satchel Paige

~stay healthy~

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