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Addicted to Bubbles

Posted Sep 02 2010 9:32am

I swoon.


There was a time in my life where I spent ridiculous amounts of money on sparkling water. 

Hello, my name is Caitlin and I am a bottle water addict.

I know it’s terrible.  Here I am preaching about eating locally, sustainably and there I go contributing to the massive, ridiculous problem we have paying for something we can get for free. 

This got even worse when I discovered that one of my favorite things to drink is cold, sparkling water.  Sometimes flavored, sometimes not.  This, as most of you know is not cheap.  And not very green.

Enter SodaStream into my life.  Sodastream allows me to take my water directly out of MY faucet (upon which we have a handy purifier) and carbonate it.  Without sodium.  And I can even flavor it with lemon or lime if I please.

I am in love.

You might think this is an odd post, an advertisement of sorts but I just had to share my joy with you.  While you may hesitate at the pricetag, it pays off dearly if you are a sparkling water addict like myself.  Trust me.

No, SodaStream has no idea that I am writing this post (or that I have a blog for that matter).  I just wanted to share with you a smart way to make drinking water fun.  As Americans we drink an insane amount of sugary beverages that have all kinds of health consequences so switching to water is a smart choice.  But this is difficult for some people.  If you drink sodas and are trying to cut down on the extra sugar and calories in your diet, sparkling water makes the transition more exciting for you.  Just add a little lemon, a little lime, a little orange, or a little mint.  And SodaStream will help you save money in the long run.  And possibly the earth.

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