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Adams Peanut Butter Protein Frosty

Posted Jan 06 2011 12:00am
I loooove peanut butter! A few years ago, I was going to school at USU (Go Aggies) doing my own grocery shopping.  Peanut butter has always been a fav in my diet, I try to avoid any diet plan that would take out peanut butter.  It's almost the only thing that can kick my chocolate cravings. SO when I noticed the Adams Peanut Butter and how it was all separated in the container, and was initially grosses out.  However the graphic designer in my was attracted to the typography on the label and picked it up and compared it with the other brands.  I was sold after I read the ingredients. Peanuts.  That was it! Other peanut butters had oils and even sugar added.  My roommates judged me when I had to stir my peanut butter, they thought it was sick.  I'm not joking you though, it tastes amazing! Other peanut butter tastes a bit greasy to me now, not quite as good.

While at the gym they had coupons for Adams peanut butter attached with a bunch of recipes! So I will most definitely share this one that looks amazing!


Ingredients 1/2 cup chocolate soy milk
1 container of yogurt
1/3 chocolate whey protein
2 tbsps Adams Peanut butter
Ice Cubes

Directions Process it all in a blender until smooth/frosty. (And you can sprinkle with cinnamon for garnish)

I haven't tried this yet, on the 8 weeks to a better you, I'm not sure that I can have the chocolate soy milk. :( This looks delicious though, and over all pretty healthy for a protein shake.
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