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A Visualized WIAW – with food related artistic links

Posted Sep 11 2013 5:39am
I’m really excited to share today’s WIAW post. Not because I have been chowing down on incredible interesting meals or have come up with some new snack idea. Rather, I am excited because I have three really neat links to share that all link food and art. And if you have been around this blog long you will know that I love anything to do with food or art. Not to worry, I will be sharing some typical Wednesday eats as I go.

Link #1:  Picture Cook…

This link shows visual directions for cooking created by Katie Shelly. They are very informative, clever and a great new way to read recipes.

Breakfast: Oatbran with peaches and cinnamon.  Peaches are one of those fruits that I only enjoy with something else. I don’t enjoy peaches by them selves. Having them on oatbran however is an entirely different story. Coffee of course is a necessary accessory to breakfast. I have been having coffee every day since… I don’t know when the last time was that I DIDN’T have coffee.

I haven’t harvested near as many cherry tomatoes as I usually do around this time of year. But I have enjoyed the few that I have picked! Link #2: National Flags Created From the Foods Each Country Is Commonly Associated With

Bet you can guess this country: 

An extremely clever advertising agency created National Flags from the foods that are eaten there. Some of the things they came up with are extremely clever.

This is my “in a rush” protein bread. Yes, I know it is wrinkly but that doesn’t mean that it’s not good. Dinner: Tuna parmesan noodle with broccoli and cauliflower. Link #3: Artist Uses Millions of Glass Beads to Meticulously Cover Entire Kitchen- A Five Year Project

Liza Lou covered an entire life size kitchen with tiny glass beads. The pictures make my mind boggle because it hardly looks like a real kitchen!


 Do you like peaches? Are you a coffee every day person? Which link did you enjoy the most?

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