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A Typical Day

Posted Jul 03 2012 5:28pm

A typical day…hmmm, what’s that like?

No really, tell me. What is a typical day like for YOU? Because I have no idea who you are and what you do and eat and where you work and if you put on underwear today. Although, if you do want to share, I would love to hear about it because I am a total voyeur like that. You know that weird lady at the grocery store staring intently into your cart analyzing every item in it?

No worries, it’s just me.

My day starts with setting three alarms.

These days, I have a web page design class from 8:00am to 11:50am, which means I sleep through all three alarms, wake up in a panic at 7:30am, put on a dress, sandals and head out the door with a granola bar hanging out of my mouth. Deodorant, optional.

On days I don’t oversleep, I eat plain 2% Greek yogurt, fruit, granola and a sprinkle of chia seeds.

On days I don’t have class, a savory crepe + iced coffee date with a friend.

And on days I’m hung over after going to The Roots concert in Milwaukee, a fresh carrot-apple-ginger juice and tomato + avocado eggs benedict from Beans & Barley .

If you’re in Milwaukee and looking for good veg food, go here.

Class is awesome, but my brain feels like it wants an afternoon nap after talking HTML code for nearly four hours. That and my stomach is usually grumbling audibly by the time class is over, which means I usually race home as fast as my little Mazda Protege will take me listening to the likes of “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green and “They Call Me Al” by Paul Simon.

Lunch is here!

As of late, it’s been Ezekiel toast topped with hummus, avocado + feta and served with a side of social media, 20 minutes of reading or responding to blog comments. Sometimes a chat with Mama E or more recently, stripping all the way down to a tank top + underwear because it’s 100 degrees out. I live in Wisconsin mind you, not Arizona.

Animal crackers dipped in Nutella make for a great palate cleanser.

The afternoon is where things get interesting.

Work meetings, networking coffees, graphic design work, writing pitches, recipe testing, social media/marketing consulting work, emails (LOTS of emails!), freakouts over finances, blogging, research, job searching. It all happens in the afternoon. Then I need yoga…lots of yoga.

It’s pretty much been my only form of exercise recently, and I kinda love it.

I think it’s the only thing keeping me half sane.

After yoga, I get home to a dirty kitchen which I tell myself during yoga I will go home and clean. I rarely do. Instead, I work the rest of the night or join friends for happy hour or make dinner at home or hang with the manfriend. Usually hanging with the manfriend involves good vegetarian food (he’s a veg), a long walk and episodes of LOST. I have him hooked.

He loves this easy vegan dinner . Sometimes we go out. Currently, we are in the process of tastetesting all the nachos around Madison to determine the best ones. It’s awesome.

Eight hours of sleep is necessary for me to function. I either fall asleep at 9pm while watching LOST (I’m borderline narcoleptic, I can’t help it) or more commonly, around 11pm. The days are jam-packed and ripe with possibility, and even though I complain about it (sometimes too much…sorry mom), I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

P.S. Hello Madison friends! Starting next month, I’ll be teaching cooking classes at Whole Foods Madison. If you’re interested in watching hilarity ensue, sign-up here .

Tell me about YOUR day, the best and worst of it. Remember, sharing is caring!

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