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A Simple Path to Eating Well

Posted by Patricia S.

America is the land of culinery diversity. Unfortunately, too many choices blur the lines between what we think is good for us and what really is good for us. Upgrading your diet with a few tried-and-true foods and you'll see a vast improvement in vim, vigor and vitality. Begin by keeping a list of these power foods close at hand. At the supermarket, be sure to toss a sampling of each into your basket. Eat your way to good healthy with the following nutrition-packed items: broccoli, beans, tomatoes, oats, walnuts, green tea, blueberries, yogurt, oranges, pumpkin and spinach. Add some sliced turkey and wild salmon and you've got yourself a primer of superfoods. Sure, you can indulge in a burger and fries occasionally, that's what makes life sweet. But include any and all of the above in your daily diet and you'll live longer and thrive.
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