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A Short Story…

Posted Mar 29 2011 11:00am

Here I sit, two weeks removed from surgery on my left shoulder. Right now, I have 1 good arm. My left arm is extremely weak and has very little range of motion. I can basically only move it at the elbow and wrist; no articulation around the shoulder joint. Basically, if it’s within a forearm’s length of my body, my left hand can help. That makes it about this useful:

Given all of that, it would seem that I’m a prime candidate for taking it easy, hitting the local fast food joint or pulling something packaged and processed out of the freezer.

So why am I telling you that? Well, I just walked downstairs to my room from the kitchen. While I was up there, I took the time to make my own homemade rub, rub down a pork shoulder, and throw it in the oven to roast for awhile. I did all of this with my 1 good arm and my 1 T-Rex arm.

Of course, I can’t do things as simple as lift a baking dish or cast-iron skillet with my left arm, but I can at least get it up there to hold an onion for slicing. Which is exactly what it’s going to be used for here in a few minutes, to chop up some sweet potatoes and onions for roasting.

So What’s Your Excuse?

How about you? Did you eat another frozen dinner tonight? Or did you swing through the drive-thru? I’m really interested. What’s your excuse for not taking the time and energy to cook a delicious meal for yourself and your family? Surely, if I can pull something together with only one arm, you can come up with 10 minutes to make a real meal.

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