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A No Brainer Brain Healing Nutritional Supplement

Posted Sep 07 2008 7:56pm
Dr. David Amen is a well known psychiatrist who has written books about brain healing. One nutritional supplement that he talks about is omega 3 oil. And there are so many other health practitioners writing and talking about brain healing, nutritive support, as well as addressing many other conditions as those which can be healed with omega 3 oils.

Recently I enjoyed Dr. Amen's "Change Your Brain Change Your Life" presentation on PBS. His experience with natural supplements for brain healing and other health benefits is extremely interesting.

The easy way to ingest omega 3 oils is to eat more fish like salmon, mackeral, tuna, and sardines. Cod liver oil has been a standard for supplements since "forever".

Unfortunately, since fish are now so horribly contaminated with mercury and other substances that can destroy our health, purified fish oils are a necessity. We can still eat fish, but not every day.

I searched "contaminants in fish" and 3 million references came up! We all need to learn about omega 3 oils and other brain healing foods, and how to choose safe supplements.
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