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A New Year and A New YOU? How To Get Started With Your Healthy New Life.

Posted Jan 05 2010 9:11am

I hope everyone had a great Christmas Holidays and New Year!


It’s a New Year and potentially a New YOU. 1st January is the day that we all decide to resolve any issues that are in our life. We make promises to ourselves that today we are no longer going to smoke, or eat chocolate and we are going to work out and be healthy. We all make these general sweeping solutions but general sweeping statements of how things are going to be different this year soon fade into the background as normal life continues.


You see, most resolutions do not get resolved. At my old local gym, one instructor told me that they get a massive influx of gym memberships in January and by April most of those new members will be gone. It seems we have the best intentions, full of spirit and hope but we can’t quite follow through completely.


Why is that?


Well firstly general sweeping statements don’t really mean anything. We may desire to change – to become healthier, fitter and less stressed, but changing is effort. It is effort because it is scary. To become different, to change a particular aspect of yourself is uncomfortable for a while. Once you get out of the uneasy zone between desiring being fit/desiring being healthy and actually being fit/health, then you are fine, but it is the in between stage that takes motivation and commitment. When we make a general statement about how we are going to quit something or about how we are going to do something in the New Year that we failed to rectify or acknowledge in the year gone by, it doesn’t mean much other than you know there is an issue you want to resolve. This of course is the first step (admitting a problem) but rarely do people follow through more than trying for a second.


Saying you want to get fit and joining a gym shows that you do have some real desire to change but without thinking it completely through and fitting it into your life, it can fail.


Your best chances of success are to plan, focus and not rush into everything. Changing your habits and your lifestyle is a process and will take some time. Below are some of my articles that I think will help you get where you want to in 2010.


Weight Loss Goals


Weight Loss Mindset

Weight Loss Mindset 3: Figuring Out The Why


Weight Loss Tip: Taking Photos & Keeping A Journal – Remember to take a photo once you are ready to start your journey.  This will keep you motivated when you see the improvements in weeks to come!


Hopefully these articles will get you thinking more about what you want to achieve and how to really make it happen. 


Good luck it your quest to resolution!

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