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A New Triathlon

Posted May 27 2009 10:36pm

= Walk, Yoga and Bike! :)

I’ve had quite an active day thus far and I love it! Who says you need to spend two hours in a gym during the day to be fit and healthy?! Not me! First, I walked the mile to yoga class. It was gorgeous and I had to snap some photos because I’m sort of obsessed with my new canon powershot!


My 90 minute hot yoga flow class was wonderful. SUPER hot this morning and I was sweating bullets during all those chatarungas, dolphin poses, forearm planks and standing splits. I once had a yoga teacher who told the class “I’ve never heard of standing splits killing anyone….but I have heard of them reducing your jean size! ” I’ve always remembered that and thought it was funny. You really do totally lengthen out all the muscles in your legs when you do the pose though and build lean muscle all down. It’ll trim your thighs, I tell ya!

After yoga I snacked on a fruit strip as I drove back to my parent’s house with my mom to FINALLY pick up my bike!


My bike has been sitting in my parent’s garage for a month now because I’ve been too lazy to ride it over to my new home. Well not today! I rode the 4 miles home and finally collapsed in my kitchen after all my exercise and severely needing some lunch.

I was hot and sweaty and craving something cool so I made a big green monster!


I used 1 frozen banana, about 4 cups spinach, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla hempmilk and 1 scoop of Ryan’s strawberry banana soy protein power. It was dynamite!

On the side, I had one of the homemade granola bars that I made yesterday. Recipe to be found here. I can’t get enough of these things….dangerous! Like Ange said to do, I am keeping these in the freezer and they are perfect straight out. Incredibly chewy and delicious!



This afternoon I have one last shot for my shin splints. I made an appointment with a podiatrist in town who my sports medicine doctor recommended if nothing else worked (i.e physical therapy). Apparently this doctor is a marathon runner himself and I’m just praying hard for answers and healing because I’m MORE THAN fed up with this whole situation. You all have asked me what I’ve done so far for the pain and I’ve been fitted at the store, gotten new shoes, had my gait analyzed, gotten insoles, seen a physical therapist, seen a sports medicine doctor,  had an MRI, had a bone scan, done strengthening exercises, ran on soft surfaces, worn compression socks, iced and stretched and…………nothing. I hate to sound down but at this point the Nike Women’s Half is going to be my ONE and ONLY race.:(


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