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A New Start with a New Blog

Posted Feb 21 2012 1:36pm
For many years, I have struggled with obesity.  Typically, I get to be about a hundred pounds overweight before I realize that I don't feel well and am not happy with my appearance.  About this time, I focus a great deal of energy on  losing fat.  I slenderize over a period of about a year. Then, after another year of being thin, I lose focus and gradually my weight creeps up again.  I can lose weight and keep it off only by focusing a great deal of attention on my condition.  The fact that I keep gaining the weight back leads me to believe that I have still not addressed the underlying cause.  There is a reason why I am eating the wrong foods and lacking enough exercise.  And, I think the root cause is not really just about lifestyle so much as it is a mental and spiritual issue.  To get healthy and stay healthy, I need to address my body, mind, and spirit all together.  If any one of these three is not well then the others will suffer also.

So, I'm going to begin to address my weight as part of a more holistic approach to improving myself.  I'm beginning a new blog focusing on my endeavor to improve health, enhance cognitive abilities, and expand spiritual awareness.  The first month or two of my new blog will be investigating where I am and how I got here.  I'm not yet sure as to my overall strategy.  Low-carb dieting may be a component but it will not be the sole focus.  And, I will continue to post here on Big Daddy D's when I have something relevant to share.

My new blog is called "Shaping Body Mind and Spirit" and can be found at .
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