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A new plan

Posted Jun 08 2008 4:03pm

I’ve been doing a medically supervised fasting program for almost 9 weeks now, and have lost almost 35 pounds (as of last week’s weigh-in), which is great progress. In theory, it’s been a really easy program to follow - 500 calories a day, 5 shakes/meal replacements. In practice? Not easy at all.

I’ve had to use every ounce of willpower I have in order to stay on this program. Not really eating is HARD. Yes, my success and the compliments I’ve received because of it has been a great motivator, but it can only take me so far. I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve wished I had something I could actually chew. A salad? I piece of fruit? A damn celery stick, maybe?

Not to mention that there have been parties galore at my work lately, which hasn’t helped the situation. While everyone else is enjoying cocktails, great food, and yummy desserts, I’ve tried to be content with my water and chewing gum.

Plus, driving up to SF every week is getting expensive, considering the price of gas. The meetings are nice because it’s good to have people who understand how difficult this program is, but I haven’t actually learned anything in the classes. All of the nutrition info they’ve been giving us is stuff that I already know. So you might ask yourself how I ballooned to almost 300 pounds if I knew all of that. I guess it was a combination of eating too much (even if what I was eating was healthy, my portions were pretty big) and not exercising. Plus, there were those times when nothing would satisfy like fries from McDonald’s or some Ben & Jerry’s. But, I’ve come too far and sacrificed too much to gain this weight back because of unhealthy choices or overly large portions. I never want to have to lose this weight again!

All of which is a big preamble to a decision I’ve made. The other night when I was checking my email, an ad for Medifast flashed on the sidebar. Curious, I clicked on it.

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! They have a 5 & 1 Meal Plan, which includes 5 of their meal replacements and one “Lean and Green” meal. The Lean and Green meal includes REAL FOOD! A lean protein (chicken or fish) and veggies. Something to look forward to! I could cook again!! And I won’t miss all of the great veggies of the summer!!! Farmer’s markets, here I come.

Best of all, it’s cheaper than what I’m paying now. The meal replacements are almost exactly the same as the ones I’ve been using, but I won’t have that $350 medical fee each month. Plus, I won’t have to drive all the way to SF each week. My sis recommended that I make monthly check-in appointments with my doctor, just to make sure things are going well, which is a great idea. My co-pay is only $5, which is a lot cheaper than $350, obviously.

Oh how I wish I would’ve seen this ad a few days before. I’ve already paid my $350 medical fee for the month of June, so I feel like I need to stay with my current program until the end of the month. But beginning in July, I’m going to begin Medifast.

I know that I’ll lose weight more slowly than I have been, because the calories on Medifast are between 800 and 1000 a day, but I think that’s actually good. It will be a great transition for me between the hardcore fasting plan I’ve been doing and moving towards Weight Watchers, which I was planning to do in August.

I think my new weight loss plan is to begin Medifast in July and continue it until I leave for CTLB’s wedding in August. I don’t plan on going crazy when I’m Back East, but I do plan on enjoying myself for the week and a half that I’m there. Then, when I return in mid-August, I’ll go back to Medifast until November. In November, before the holiday season starts in full force, I’ll start Weight Watchers, which is a lot more holiday-party friendly.

I’m so encouraged by this new idea!! Not only is it realistic, it’s sustainable. I won’t be so tied to the house over the summer, and it will be a lot less deprivation. I can’t wait!

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