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A new decade begins

Posted Jan 03 2010 12:00am

Happy 2010! 

Long time no blog, I know. 

Truthfully, I have enjoyed my unintended break from blogging. I love blogging, don’t get me wrong- but it gave me time to focus on my junk-free detox before Canada, and then spend a fun 4-days without pressure to blog in Canada, and focus on where the blog is going in 2010. But I am back, for good this time- more on the future of the blog soon, though! 

Hilights of my New Year’s in Canada: 

Driving up with one of my besties, Katrina 

Eating cookies from her mom on the way up! 

Funny license plate, eh? ;)  

Spectacular Italian New Year’s Eve dinner (big Thank You to Nick’s parents for taking us out!!)

Bar Shenanigans at Ups n’ Downs-

Best New Year’s date ever. ;)  

New Year’s day feast!

Bacon-wrapped scallops, Stir fried veggies, pork and shrimp made by me… 

HUGE sushi platter!

Set up, with rice. 

So. Stuffed. But SOOO delicious. 

Best road food-

The end. There were many of meals consumed in between, including an amazing departing-breakfast made by Nick’s dad, all my favorites- eggs with runny yolks, fresh bread, local pork sausage. Mmm. I did manage to get my fruits and veggies in, most of the time anyway- and one sweaty gym session. But for a $10 a pop guest-pass to GoodLife, once was enough! ;)  

As 2009 has ended, I have a new outlook on 2010. Here are my “10 in 2010″ goals, inspired by Angela’s post:

10 in 2010 – Goals for the first year of the new decade. 

1. Maintain my “weight” (size; I don’t weigh myself anymore) for 1 full year by eating 80% clean, healthy foods, and the rest intuitively. 

2. Get back into my yoga practice, at least 3 days a week. Meditation at least 5. 

3. Graduate from Culinary school =D

4. Stay fit in Canada, with a balance of yoga, running/cardio and strength. 

5. Read 1 book per month. 

6.  Write more- make the blog bigger and better, focus on my personal blog and freelance jobs. 

7. Stay connected with family and friends while in Canada.

8. Take all my vitamins, every day. 

9. Keep a detailed food journal to get to the bottom of my food intolerances. 

10. Focus on staying happy and healthy as my #1 priority. 

What is in store for the blog in 2010: 

  • Less food journal, more “hilights” 
  • Recipes, tips and tricks learned in culinary school 
  • Favorite workouts and a page on them!
  • A new, updated blog roll- let me know if you want to be on it! 
  • A new header- any ideas? 
  • Bringing back Behind the Food and Flashback Fridays (a la Janetha)
  • A couple fun posts from Nick’s perspective.  

Oh, and before I forget. Happy Sweet 16, Ali! 

I truly can NOT believe my sister is 16 today.



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