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A Natural Remedy for Cough Relief

Posted Feb 14 2011 12:00am

This is the crazy time of year that the nasty cough accompanied with stuffy noses is most prevalent. Perhaps it's because of the fluctuations in weather or the weakened immune system. Whichever the reason, we are always looking for a way to relieve the cough and stuffiness, especially in the evening hours, when all we want to do is sleep.

Our family is always looking for natural remedies to help with the different ailments we may encounter. We know that to open the sinuses menthol and eucalyptus oil are the best. One of the best natural remedies we have found that have been around since we were children is .

Do we consider this a natural remedy? In our home we do and I believe you will too when you read the active ingredients.  The active ingredients found in Vicks VapRub include Camphor, Menthol and you guessed it, Eucalyptus Oil.  The camphor and the menthol will help with the cough and are also topical analgesics and when combined with the eucalyptus oil it will help dramatically with the sinuses as well.

Now is this a cure? Absolutely not! It is however a topical treatment that will help the individual breathe and sleep better. We all know that the body heals during rest and sleep. If the cough can be suppressed as well as the airways cleared naturally why not try it. Do you remember your mom reaching for the wonderful smelling rub to help you sleep? Growing up our home was never without this wonderful product. To this day we have the topical ointment and now the cream version as well. Both Vicks VapoRub products work wonders and we will gladly share it with the world.

Instead of reaching for the antibiotics that will not cure the common cold, instead reach for something that will enable the immune system to fight the virus. Reach for Vicks VapoRub and watch your family member sleep through the night without any side effects.

Try this natural remedy today if you haven't already. To join in the conversation be sure to visit the .  Share your thoughts and stories of using this wonderful product.

**Please note that this product should not be used on children younger than 2 years of age.

**Disclosure: All the opinions shared above are my own. We are being compensated by Vicks and part of the Blogger Brigade.

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