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A Multi-Tasking WIAW

Posted Jun 26 2013 5:35am
I have always been the type to try and save time by multi-tasking. Apparently this isn’t always a good thing because it means your attention is divided between tasks but apparently knowing this doesn’t stop me from trying my hardest. Most of my multi-tasking has to do with doing _____ (fill in the blank) while eating. This gives me the perfect opportunity for a multi-tasking WIAW.

Walking while eating…
Toast with chocolate peanut protein paste (1 tsp each of peanut flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, and protein powder plus 1 tbsp water, and a dash of salt). With mashed with banana.

Reading while eating…

419 By Will Ferguson. A really incredible book that I only just started. But seriously, read the following paragraph and tell me you can’t tell it is an incredible book IMG-20130625-00253

Listening to sermon podcasts while eating…
Tuna salad with mustard and vinegar

Heading out to my evening weekly activity while eating:IMG-20130625-00257

That evening activity being dance lessons. And that food on the go being a fruit yogurt mess. Is a further description even required?

If you were a detective you will notice that all these pictures were not taken on the same day. Do you know how? Highlight with your curser here —>  My nail polish in the first picture isn’t in the rest <– to see the answer!


Do you take part in any weekly activities or lessons? Have you read the book 419? Do you multi-task?

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