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A mid-day meal

Posted by Swati S.

I was just reading an interesting interview online that talked about healthy eating habits. It said that eating the main meal at noon is a good idea as it goes better with the body's natural digestion cycle. Then I got thinking and remembered that in old movies and books, we had people having the main meal in the afternoon, which they called dinner. And they had a lighter meal in the evening that was called supper. So, what are the benefits of eating a mid-day meal? It helps with better digestion of food, and constipation and also helps against heartburn and acidity. Now this can be very difficult to achieve on a working day. But try to do it over the weekend. Have a light, early breakfast followed by a nice, wholesome mid-day dinner. Have a warm lunch and include green vegetables, some proteins (for example, lentils or tofu), and take it down with pure water. For non-vegetarians, this would be the time to have your chicken or the pork or whatever else you like. And in the evening supper, you can keep things light. Try it over the weekend to see if it works for you. If nothing else, it's a fresh way to try something healthy.
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