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A McDonald’s meatless Monday meal

Posted Aug 04 2009 12:00am
Not so long ago I was a vegetarian. Yes, I loved everything non-meat (and still do!). Tofu, tempheh, TVP, soy protein, beans, quinoa, kamut and many other odd Co-op shopping favorites could be found in my pantry. Part of my reason going veg-head was the health aspect. I wanted to do things a little different than some of my family members. My dad had his first heart attack at the early age of 42 and I will never forget the image of him laying on the swing under our deck, all grey and clammy. My dad had a couple of bad habits including indulging in a fatty fast food restaurant meal for lunch to insisting on having plenty of meat on the dinner table. The other habit was smoking which I will leave for another blog entry due to my soap box tendencies-but he has since quit this habit!

Anyway, the choice of meat was always cooked with care by my mom and by the way, she was very careful in what she served me, but meat was plentiful. I realize growing up in the 70’s and 80’s meat was the thing. I mean Spam was the next best thing to the golden arches. You could either see pork chops, hamburgers, sloppy joe’s, spaghetti with meat sauce or meatballs, country fried steak or the nastiest-bologna and hot dogs served at any family or friend gathering. Somehow I was the one who always wanted to be different, and still am. But, my decision was not ONLY based on health. It was also based on being introduced to John Robbins and Diet for a New America,
and from working in a really cool health food store that opened in Lexington, Rainbow Blossom. As I mentioned in my first post, How May I Help You?

So, I was a pretty strict veg-head for about 8 years. Living in Portland, Oregon was the ideal place to feed my beliefs, but right before moving to Asheville, North Carolina I decided, for my own health reasons, to start eating a little chicken. Before long I was even craving, I blame this on my pregnancy, a more B-12 filled meat source---beef. After feeding this craving I noticed I was feeling sluggish and blah. So, back to the flexitarian eating plan. With having kids to feed, I feel that nutrition should be our number one priority in the kitchen and at the dinner table, so I enjoy introducing my girls to all the odd Co-op shopping foods.

Here are the main ingredients I started with last night

I diced the onion and sauteed it with a clove of garlic in 1tsp of EVOO. Then added 1cup of diced yellow squash and 1/2 of block of tofu crumbled. I let this cook for about 5 minutes or until the juices from the tofu cooked down and started resembling scrambled eggs. Next I added 2cups of spinach, 1tsp of Trader Joe's 21 Season Salute, 1tsp of tumeric and 1tsp of salt. Let this mix together for a few minutes and then I served it with some chunks of goat cheese on top. Yummy! My girls and hubby enjoyed every bite. Success!

Please check out this great site for fabulous ways to incorporate a meatless motto into your weekly meals.
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