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A Low Calorie Chef Salad with Farm Fresh Eggs, Sliced Herbed Turkey and Crumbled Farmer Cheese and Results from Last Week's Poll

Posted Mar 26 2011 2:06pm
My soon to be world famous Chef Salad with Farm Fresh Eggs, Sliced Herbed Turkey and Crumbled Farmer Cheese. 
Here is a photo to entice you to scroll down to the recipe.

Thanks to those who participated in last week's poll.  Here are the poll results for the question; Would you join a CSA/Farm Share?

Yes! I belong to a CSA and love it. (40%)
Awesome. Please spread the good word!

I don’t know what it is. (10%)
A farm share, also called Community Supported Agriculture or CSA, is where you buy a “share” of the expected crop from a local farm in your area as well as a possible variety of other food items such as farm fresh eggs, artisan breads, meats, etc.

In my case, my daughter and I go to the actual farm every other Thursday to select my specified number of veggies separated in bins, visit the chickens and talk to the actual farmers growing the food we eat who we now consider to be friends. Some additional alternatives that may be offered by the farm are to pick up pre-selected boxes of vegetables and food items dropped off at specified places throughout the community that may be more convenient for you than going to the actual farm. Additionally, mine offers events such as Farm-to-Table member pot lucks and you-pick opportunities to pick your own produce.

It is too expensive. (30%)
Try a half share.  Mine works out to about $15 per week for organically grown vegetables that I can't get fresher anywhere else (other than possibly my own garden but I wouldn't be able to beat the variety I get from my farm).

The pickup is inconvenient. (10%)
Call your closest farm share to see if the farmer might be able to arrange something more convenient for you. You might be surprised how flexible they are.

I don’t know what to do with some of the veggies. (10%)
Get in touch with me and we will figure something out each week.  I love this kind of stuff.

The prep work takes too much time. (0%)

I want to join a CSA but don't know where one is. (10%)
I found mine by asking around and I happened to find one through a woman I work with.  I suggest doing the same as well as googling "CSA farm share [type your city and state here]"


 This salad was the one I randomly made for breakfast on Friday  (Yes I'm not kidding. a salad for breakfast can be good too).  It was one of those unplanned recipes that turned out so well I knew I had to have it again soon.  I didn't put any dressing on this, just a bit of balsamic vinegar and some seasonings; my usual coarse sea salt, fresh cracked pepper and garlic powder.  With the fat in the egg and farmer cheese I really didn't need a rich oily dressing.  The farmer cheese was almost an afterthought but I absolutely loved the mild creaminess it added.  I think you will love this one!  As for the quirky self uses them to eat pretty much everything other than soup.
Chef Salad with Farm Fresh Eggs, Sliced Herbed Turkey and Crumbled Farmer CheeseServes 1
**5 WW Pts Plus Printable recipe
3 cups baby lettuce, ( Earthbound Farm )1 tomato, sliced Balsamic vinegar spray ( Gourme Mist )1 hard boiled egg, sliced (farm fresh from KYV Farm )2 slice herbed deli turkey (App legate farms ) 1 oz farmer cheese ( Friendship ....God I love this stuff)Coarse salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder, to taste
1. Layer lettuce and tomato on a plate; spray with balsamic vinegar.  Top with egg, turkey, farmer cheese and season, to taste.
Nutrition Facts1 Serving**5 WW Pts PlusAmount Per Serving
Calories 192.4 Total Fat 8.5 g Saturated Fat 3.2 g Polyunsaturated Fat 1.0 g Monounsaturated Fat 2.1 g Cholesterol 237.0 mg Sodium 436.5 mg Potassium 823.3 mg Total Carbohydrate 12.3 g Dietary Fiber 4.2 g Sugars 0.0 g Protein 20.1 g
Vitamin A 108.3 % Vitamin C 87.7 % Calcium 9.2 % Folate 67.2 % Manganese 60.6 % Riboflavin 28.4 % Selenium 23.2 %
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