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A little overdone on the marketing speak?

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:04pm

I appreciate that its not cool to be knocking other concepts and I do try to steer clear of this stuff.

However, as I have written on numerous occasions, a challenge with which we struggle is the task of differentiating ourselves from others and getting proverbial ‘credit’ for that which we invest in and about which we care dearly. We find it challenging to deliver a marketing message that is clear, concise and digestible, and differentiated from rest of the marketing speak that forces most of us consumers to completely gloss over.

We make all of our food from scratch every day. Really. From the emulsified dressings to the hummus to the 12 hour turkey. But how does that differentiate us from what everyone else claims about the freshness of their food? Hard to get this across without knocking everyone else. It seems to be less about the integrity of the message and more about how that message is delivered.

I found this little snip-it to be an interesting discovery given the fact that I have myself often wondered what it means to be ‘Organic when we can’. Does that resonate with anyone? I am unclear as to what it even means.  Is that 10% of the time ? 50% ? Or should i just get the warm and fuzzies because I see a new and exciting buzzword?

Would love to hear your thoughts. What about what we do resonates with YOU ? Why is it important?

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