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A Little High Raw Lunch

Posted Feb 03 2010 1:47pm

I love it when we have nothing at all planned for lunch. Okay, in reality I had "planned" for us all to eat salads for lunch throughout the cleanse months, but the kiddos have different ideas. ;-) They got a little bored with salads (well, that didn't take long) and wanted to make something more interesting for lunch today. So, I turned 'em loose once again.

The hubs discovered the *interesting* Taiwanese ingredient you see above at our local Asian market. It is actually called 'Sesame Seaweed Soya Shreds (Vegetarian Pork Floss)'. The packaging claims that it is cholesterol free, low saturated fat, MSG free, preservative free, meets Buddhist temple food standards, and high in soy protein. Mmm, yummy?? Well, you never know until you try, right?!  The suggested serving size is 30 grams (or 1/4 cup). A little more than you'd want to put in your mouth at all once, but it isn't designed for eating straight least I don't think it is. (BTW...this is pretty obviously NOT a low oxalate food, but used in tiny amounts my kids haven't reacted to it.)

See the "floss" there on the spoon? You get the idea. It is supposed to resemble the shredded pork that is often found in Chinese dishes. The hubs was hoping to use it on our burrito bowls, but it doesn't really taste anything like pork (thankfully...I do not miss meat at all and I don't want food that tastes like meat). It's salty, a little fishy (from the seaweed, no doubt), and rich with unique Asian flavors. All in all a nice addition to high raw vegan sushi, not so great in a Mexican application. According to the kids, it plays nicely with raw vegan sushi ingredients (Mom ate a salad for lunch!). If you happen upon some you can give it a try and decide for yourself. 

Nori Wraps
Simply take pieces of raw nori, cut them according to how large or small you want your wrap and fill them with any of the following raw ingredients. These are excellent with a little Asian dipping sauce.
- Asian mushrooms of any kind
- red bell pepper strips
- carrot strips
- green onion strips
- fresh sprouts of any kind

High Raw Sushi (serves 8)

Sunflower Seed "Sushi Rice"
Blend together the following until smooth in the food processor;
- 3 cups raw sunflower seeds
- 3 Tablespoons raw ginger
- 4 raw whole cloves garlic
- 2 Tablespoons Bragg's Liquid Aminos
- 2 Tablespoons Chickpea Miso

Remaining Sushi Ingredients;
- Wasabi paste
- carrot strips
- enoki mushrooms
- red bell pepper strips
- green onion strips
- Nori sheets 
- you can use soya shreds if you've got 'em ;-)
Spread nori sheet with a little wasabi paste and them smear on the "sushi rice".  Layer vegetables on top of the "rice" nearest you. Roll sushi. Cut into bite-sized pieces. Serve with a little Bragg's Aminos for dipping or use any gluten-free Asian dipping sauce.

I'm off to supervise while the teens experiment with ways to take their spirulina and chlorella powders. They are such a riot! Admittedly, neither of those powders is palatable to me either. Any suggestions on how to get them down with relative ease???
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