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A Little (Body) TLC

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:20pm

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Lately, I’ve been struggling with the chew-and-spit aspect of my disordered eating more frequently than the midnight wake-ups , which is a complete reversal from where things had been the past few years.

At least now I have an explanation for the behavior, but stress and anxiety aren’t the only reasons why I have been falling back into old habits.

Part of it is that I’m not giving my body enough TLC.

I can feel my husband’s embrace around my waist, get compliments over Facebook from people I haven’t seen in years, hear someone at work tell me I look good … but if I, Melissa, am not giving my body the tender-loving-care it needs, well, I’m only hurting myself.

Today, my vow is simple: to not chew-and-spit.

This means not buying any culprits (chocolate, FiberOne bars–things I handled yesterday, for example, but might not be able to handle tomorrow).

It also means giving myself a little “No Choice” reminder that by chewing-and-spitting, I am not giving my body the TLC it needs and in fact am only hurting myself…or worse, deceiving myself.

As my new Beck book (The Four-Day Win) says, “Stop attacking your body and start supporting it.” Coping mechanism or not, I’d like to find a more natural, healthy means of dealing with stress and anxiety.

She also notes, “In general, I’ve found that the people who struggle the most with weight issues have the poorest mind/body communication. When they learn to speak and interpret their body’s language, their physiology finally starts cooperating with their conscious wishes.”

I definitely struggle with this. I have also never given Core the full 100% shot, where I meet all the good health guidelines and really only eat until satisfied. In my head, I always know the serving size and it’s hard to not finish it, even if I am, indeed, sated.

So today’s challenge will be not to chew-and-spit. Easier said than done…but I aim to report back tomorrow a successful day/night!

And when my Points reset on Friday, I will give myself one week to give Core 100%. I love Flex and don’t eat all that differently among the two programs, but it’s high time I loved myself and really showed my body some TLC… and that means trusting my body, too.

So that, as Beck suggests, my physiology will cooperate with my conscious wishes.

How about you? How can you give your body a little TLC?

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