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A healthy body is an attractive body

Posted Jul 13 2009 10:03pm

We tend to judge ourselves very harshly when looking at our naked bodies in a mirror. Often times we compare ourselves to people we see in the media, we feel as if we need to match the physical appearance of celebrities or someone else’s idea of beauty to be considered attractive. It is not a bad thing to want to look healthier and enhance our looks but often times we forget that we possess our own unique beauty and strengths. It is a mistake to try and become what we see instead of improving what we already are. We can only enhance our own individual traits, we should not try and duplicate the traits of others.


Our bodies are designed to eat, sleep and lift heavy objects. Sitting in front of a television or computer for hours is not what we were designed to do. Anything that goes against our natural design almost always has detrimental effects on our health.

A good amount of sleep, minimal stress, several well balanced meals throughout the day, love/sex and weight lifting will keep our bodies strong and healthy. This is the base line standard of what we as humans need to function at optimal levels.

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