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A Healthy Alkaline Diet Stategy

Posted Jul 11 2012 7:25pm
A healthy alkaline diet strategy offers numerous rewards, including strong bones and a proper pH balance in the blood.  The pH of human blood is naturally alkaline, registering around 7.4 on the pH scale.  To sustain life, this blood pH value cannot vary more than two tenths.

The body naturally goes through processes to preserve that narrow blood pH range. This frequently means it must borrow calcium from bones to counterbalance excess acid. When the body pulls calcium from your bones to neutralize an overload of acid in the diet then arthritis, osteoporosis and poor joint health are not far behind.  Following an alkaline diet strategy helps to make this scenario occur less often.

By taking in the right alkaline foods and drinks you can offset an overabundance of acid in the system. Also, calcium supplements are helpful for alkalizing the body .

 Here are a few tips for a healthy alkaline diet strategy:
  • Avoid acidic drinks like sodas, coffee, energy drinks, enhanced water, sports drinks and alcohol. Search for alkaline drinks instead . Sodas can remove rust from toilets.
  • Consume considerably more alkaline foods than acid foods. A 60/40 ratio is OK for a healthy alkaline diet, but 80/20 is the ultimate goal.Discover concentrated natural alkaline foods to boost your alkalinity.
  • Instead of the typical isolated, synthetic, multi-vitamin and mineral supplements found in retail stores, look online for whole food calcium supplements. The absorption rate is far superior.
To plan a smart alkaline diet strategy, find a reliable alkaline/acid food chart online. Remember, these lists are not based on the pH reading of the food in its uneaten state, but are based on the type of alkaline or acid ash left behind after the body metabolizes it.

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