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A Great Web Site to Eat By

Posted by Kenna M.

I was at my daughter's ballet class couple of weeks ago commenting on a mother who had lost weight and looked really great and healthy and bright.

I complemented her and congratulated her on sticking with her diet and exercise routine.

She told me about a web site that she found really helpful in sticking with her program.

I finally checked it out today -- it is an awesome site. Very upbeat with smart ideas for eating well and sticking with your personal goals to lose weight.

Give this a surf and visit and let me know your thoughts on the site.

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I was afraid to type in the URL because I thought it was an anorexia site. However, I liked it a lot. I would have liked it better if the focus were health rather than dieting, but whatever works right? I also applaud the cartoon girl because she's not a stick figure.
I'm going to visit and see what they suggest. After reading a post by another Wellsphere member, I visited a site she mentioned, The site provides nutrition and fitness plans for free. I've signed up and plan to go grocery shopping to cook up some of the recipes they suggest for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
I checked out and found it very informative and worth a visit to get inspired and great ideas for recipes.  Thanks for sharing.
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