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A Goode Deal

Posted Jul 08 2009 9:35pm


Oh gosh, I hate to gush but I’ve just had the best luck today! As I’m sure many of you have caught on by now I am a total girlie girl and love to shop! That being said, I am also a HUGE bargain hunter and love a goode deal (hehe). Even though my typical uniform is yoga pants, workout top and flops, I still adore fashion and shopping ALMOST as much as food. Not quite, but almost. I’d still rather go to a grocery store than the mall but hey, that’s me. ;)

That being said, I do look for any (and I mean any) excuse to go shopping.Caitlin, Meghann and I have been talking about shopping for the Summit now for months (hehe). So obviously, the biggest job interview of my life calls for some new apparel, no?


If you can even believe, I found ALL of this stuff (including the blazer) for under $200. I thought that was quite good when you consider I got a nice blouse, three cardigans, 1 pair of shorts and a blazer. The blouse and blazer were both from Ann Taylor (the blazer was on sale about $200 off!), the green and blue cardigan were from Zara ($9.50 each!) and the shorts and grey cardigan were from Banana. Honestly the shorts were such an amazing deal and fit so well I’m tempted to go back and get one in every color. But I shall save that for if I actually GET the job. Hehe ;)

The white blouse from Ann Taylor was definitely a splurge but its really well made and fits perfectly…and, I’ll admit it, its my only white blouse! I never buy white because I have the tendency to, err, spill all over myself. A good white blouse should be a staple in every women’s wardrobe though. I just need to remember to bring my Tide To Go pen everywhere. Especially in wine country.


Mid shopping fiasco, I snacked on this Pure Bar from my purse—-


Perfect fuel.

Once home I putzed around for awhile then started dinner around 7:30. I’ll admit it, I don’t know what yall think but usually I don’t eat dinner at the same time as Ryan. You might think so because I often blog both our meals but truthfully, he doesn’t get home at night until sometimes 9:00 and I just get SO famished!!!!!! So, we compromise and I eat dessert while he eats dinner. However, since I ate such a late lunch today I was able to make it until an 8:15 dinnertime.

Ton ight I made the Shrimp Po’Boys from this month’s issue of Cooking Light. On the side we had the most perfect corn ever! The secret to cooking corn is to add a little bit of butter, minced garlic, salt and pepper to the cooking water and then only boil it for about five minutes before turning it off and letting the corn sit in the hot water for a few more minutes. Mushy corn is right up there with applesauce in cupcakes on my pet peeve list so I always make sure to cook the corn so its still a bit crisp.

YUM! These pitas were AWESOME! Super messy though. Good thing I changed into my jammies before eating ;)

The po boys turned out AWESOME. I will definitely make this recipe again. It was so simple, too. Ryan and I both gave it a big thumbs up!
There was obviously a glass of this involved—

Guys I’m not just saying this because I really want this job—–the Murphy-Goode merlot is REALLY goode!!! Its pretty light, almost like a pinot noir actually, and has minimal tannins. Very drinkable and delish!
Obviously there was dessert tonight.
This little bowl of heaven included Edy’s “1/2 the fat” mint chocolate cookie ice cream topped with an organic mint “oreo”. SO GOOD!!!
Ryan is busy doing the dishes (muahaha) and it is reading time for me!!
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