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a good diet for a flat stomach

Posted by people101

i  no sure how to say this bcause i no speak the english... i want a uh diet to make the flat tummy.a no what me mean...?? so help ok.. thanks a you.
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The first step and most important in achieving a flat stomach is to detoxify the liver.  You can support this process with detox teas and proper nutrition.  Beets are excellent food for this process.  You will also need to eliminate toxins that build up in the liver, such as alcohol, caffeine, drugs, and isolated chemicals that are used in many foods, drinks and supplements.

The best diet for a flat stomach will include plenty of fiber from whole foods such as raw fruits and vegetables and some whole grains.  However, be careful not to eat big, filling quantities at any one time.  It's much more effective to eat healthy foods frequently in small amounts.  So, healthy snacking on whole foods is a good way to achieve results.  To make it even easier on yourself, try whole food concentrates.

For more information, please read this article:   Health Drinks, All Natural Foods and Daily Detox Are Essential for a Flat Stomach

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