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A Full Moon

Posted Dec 09 2011 12:00am
Good Afternoon and Happy Friday!

I am having one of those weeks were everything seems to be breaking on me.  First it was me burning a hole in my jacket, then the Prius that would not start, then my laptop died.  Yikes.  I am hoping that 3 is the lucky number and that my luck is taking a turn for the better.  Now the first incident was me just being cold and wearing my jacket around the house and checking on the rice when I smelled a burning smell only to realize that it was my puffy jacket that I had burned a nice big hole in!  Next up was my husband leaving for his first law school final only to find that the Prius would not start and it happened to be parked in front of the car that did work but that we could not get out.  He ended up taking a cab and making it to his final just in time but talk about added stress!!  The funny thing is that I got the car jumped and it is now acting fine.  Hmmm.  And last but not least, my cute little Dell Laptop went black and started making beep, beep, beep noises which I guess indicates that the "motherboard" is fried.  But that also means that I am officially the proud new owner of an IPad 2!!

Merry Christmas to Me!  I also have to tell you that I was super impressed with the Apple Store.  I was in and out of there in 10 minutes flat and it was crowded.  I am so thrilled with the IPad.  I have been wanting one for a while and for my purposes the IPad makes sense.  I am also swinging back around to be an Apple fan.  We have always been an Apple family until last year when we bought a couple of PCs but since my laptop did not last but a mere year I think I am going to stick with using our old Mac Book and IPad to blog for now.

Thus, I did not get around to blogging yesterday because I was so enthralled with my new purchase!  So I was going to tell you all about my great day of eats on Wednesday and they were "oh so good " that I have to share with you now.

The B lossoming Lotus Cafe is pretty much my favorite restaurant in town and my fellow foodie friend, Tammy and I, like to get together once a month and try new restaurants.  She is the one I go and eat Ethiopian food with.  Anyhow, we can't seem to get enough of the Blossoming Lotus right now and went out to lunch there on Wednesday.  I freaking love that place!

 Our mission is to try everything on the menu.  This time we ordered the

Live Pesto and Portobello Pizza 
fresh herb pecan pesto, “roasted” portobello mushrooms and micro
greens* on a spiced tomato & walnut crust with a basil oil drizzle,
served with a mixed green appetizer salad with creamy sweet ginger
dressing, add creamy cashew cheese to pizza

which came with this lovely salad

and the

 Spicy Butternut & Black Bean Chili Quesadilla 
whole wheat tortilla with spicy butternut & black bean chili, ground
pecan chorizo, zucchini tahini nacho cheese, scallion, avocado ranch
and roasted red pepper sour cream, served with blue corn chips

I also had to order my favorite

Thai Greens- Apple, Lime, Ginger, Basil and Cilantro juice.

Oh my.... this juice makes me feel great!
My darling friend Tammy and I split the other dishes.

First of all everything was wonderful but we both went gaga over the Live Pesto and Portobello pizza.  The pizza was  slightly spicy from the live Pesto and the Walnut Crust was super crunchy and delicious.  We both wanted to try to duplicate this at home and I think that I would even get to pull out my dehydrator and make the crunchy cracker-like crust.  This is on my to-do list over the holidays.

We also loved the Quesadilla and I would order that again as well.  But we first need to keep on ploughing through the menu until we have tried everything.

Wednesday turned out to be a banner day as far as eats because we ended up eating dinner at Whole Foods that evening after Indoor Soccer practice.  The coach even let me play in the scrimmage with the kids so I got an added bonus workout for the day!
For dinner I hit the salad bar and loaded up on a little of this and a little of that and thoroughly enjoyed it.   Today I  went to Bootcamp class with a friend and then did some Christmas Shopping!  I am a little shopped out now and am looking forward to our weekend.  Zoe is singing in a Christmas Concert and we are going to The Nutcracker as well as a Christmas Party.  That should get me in the Christmas Spirit. 

I hope you all had a great day and I will check in with you tomorrow!

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