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A Fact Filled WIAW – with floral clocks, marmite, and tar tar

Posted Aug 07 2013 5:45am
In my previous WIAW post I mentioned that I try to learn something new each day. This habit has provided me with a plethora of interesting links with fun facts and I wanted to take the opportunity to share a few of them with you as I indulge over some recent eats.

Knowledge #1: Carolus Linnaeus was a pretty incredible natural scientist that created a flower clock. Essentially creating a clock in which “one could deduce the approximate time of day according to which species had opened or closed their flowers.” ( source )

This has nothing to do with anything remotely food related, but it reminds me of how habitual I can be. I wake up (like a flower) at the same time each day. Unlike a flower though I always wake up ready for breakfast.

Breakfast: Coffee, yogurt, crumpet with cream cheese, watermelon, grapefruit, cranberries, eggs. But don’t forget the notebooks, markers, and pens. I have always wanted to try either Marmite or sauerkraut. Both are slightly expensive to buy ‘just to try’. But I finally gave in and bought some Marmite. I do really like it and have experimented using it in a few different things.

Knowledge #2: Marmite is high in Niacin and good for your immune system ( source ).

For instance check out these inside out seaweed, spinach cabbage, and marmite wraps!

Knowledge #3: Cream of tartar prevents chemical bonds from forming between protein molecules in beaten egg whites ( source ).

Hence why my protein fluff stayed so fluffy!

I will leave it at that because otherwise I may venture in to nerd land and tell you about some really nerdy things I have been learning lately!


Were any of these facts new to you? Have you ever tried marmite? If so what do you like to use it on? Do you wake up at the same time each day?

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